Whether you’re a novice hiker or have been hiking for years, it never hurts to learn more about your passion. In fact, many hikers don’t believe their backpack is properly packed unless it includes some reading material. Here are some books to consider as part of your trail preparation.

  1. Highlights of the United States by Don W. Holmes (Cordiller Press, Inc, 1990) If you’ve ever wondered what the highest point in each state is and what it would take to reach each peak, then this is just the book. You’ll walk through descriptions, landmark information, historical notes, and more in this well-written book.
  2. Follow the Trail: A Youth Guide to Nature by Jessica Loy (Henry Holt & Company, 2003) is written especially for children, Mrs. Loy uses illustrations and photos to explain how children can help plan, prepare, and participate in all the fun that is found in hiking and camping.
  3. Go for a hike: the Sierra Club children’s guide to hiking and backpacking by Lynne Foster (Sierra Club Books, 1991) teaches children, beginning hikers, the basics of this great activity. The book includes chapters on map reading, what to look for along the trail, how to set up camp and resources for sponsored hikes, and how to get maps.
  4. 100 classic hikes in North Carolina by Joe Miller (The Mountaineers Books, 2007) is well written and informative. You will find directions for getting to the trailhead and where to turn along the trail, level of difficulty, elevation, how long it will take to follow the trail, and when the trails are accessible. Of special interest are the photographs of many of the hiking areas, as well as a description of the terrain of the trails.
  5. The Complete Guide to Walking in Canada by Elliott Katz (A Firefly Book, 2001) – Whether you live in Canada or are planning a hiking adventure, this book is a wealth of information on how to plan a trip, where to go, when to go, and much more. There is also a special section of color photographs taken along some of Canada’s beautiful hiking trails.
  6. Hike the Blue Ridge Parkway: The Ultimate Guide to America’s Most Popular Scenic Highway by Randy Johnson (Falcon Guide, 2003) offers trail descriptions of this beautiful hike. Divided into 4 sections: North Central Blue Ridge, Blue Ridge Plateau, High Country, and the Southern Appalachians; Hikers will find information about the difficulty and type of trail, signpost, and views that can be seen along the trail. This book also includes information such as maps, where to find overnight accommodations, and where to find boat access, if your trip includes rafting and hiking.
  7. Dayhiker: Walking for fun, fitness and adventure by Robert S. Wood (Ten Speed ​​Press, 1991) Regardless of your hiking experience, this book offers a wealth of information to help you determine your hiking needs. The chapters cover topics such as types of clothing, how to train for hiking, backpacking knowledge, and lots of practical tips for enjoying this adventurous sport.
  8. Camping by car for everyone by Mary and Bill Burnham (Morris Book Publishing, 2009) is a well-written book that offers hiking tips for solo or group hikes, as well as introducing your kids to the joys of hiking. Camping by car for everyone It has valuable information on day trips, menu planning, necessary equipment, and much more.

Take a walk and bring a book to read. You can hike in Arizona and read about the mountains of Canada, what a life!