So you want to know how to turn your online dating profile into a hot girl magnet?

I understand how you feel, in fact my online dating profile used to suck.

I was not getting the answers I expected. And the few girls who contacted me weren’t the attractive, fun, and sexy type that I wanted to meet.

So I fully understand how frustrated you must be right now. But I have a secret for you, and it is this:

I figured out how to turn my online profile into a magnet for hot, fun and sexy girls, and you can too!

And get this: you all can be equally successful in attracting the kind of girls you want and you don’t have to look like a male model. In fact, you can look a bit homey and plump!

So this is good news for you and me, especially since we want to know how to turn your online profile into a personal, automated dating service for you.

We can do this using some little known secret settings and turn these secrets to our advantage.

I want you to think about this: your online profile is actually a mini sales brochure. You want to attract as many girls as possible with your profile. You want to increase the number of girls who want to see who you are. Then you can choose the most attractive girls and discard the couples you don’t want later.

Do you understand where I come from? Men usually make some major mistakes with their online profiles and practically force girls to click “Next”.

So instead, let’s use some powerful magnetization profile secrets!

Here are 5 secret profile settings to start using ASAP!

#Tweak 1: Your main profile picture

Remember, I said that your profile is like a mini sales brochure, and what do all the great sales brochures have? – many good photos. Therefore, your profile should have an attractive main image of you.

I have clicked on some of the online dating sites and I can’t believe how stupid guys are with this important profile feature. Either there is no image or the image is taken at a strange angle; It looks like the photo was taken in a dark closet and your friend was bouncing around the moment it was taken; or the boy seems mean and intimidating.

Where is your big smile, friend? Is your profile picture a repellent for girls or a magnet for girls?

Tweak # 2: add more profile pictures

Adding other photos of yourself is important to attract hot girls. Girls will look at you in a more sexually receptive way if you are surrounded by handsome and attractive boys and girls.

This is called social proof. So be sure to include some pictures of yourself with friends at a party, club, sporting event, or fun outing. And be sure to include one to three photos of yourself with a couple of hot girls with your arms around them or hugging you. One last tip is to make sure that you are the center of attention in the images.

Tweak # 3: Choose the correct username

The username you choose will tell a lot about you. You want to choose a name that conveys confidence, sociability, fun, and passion. So skip funky names like “LonelyAndNeedLove” and skip sexually offensive names like “Allof9Inches”. Names like this scream Chick Repellent not Chick Magnet.

Tweak # 4: Use humor in your About Me section

Girls find humor sexy and attractive. The type of humor you want to use is to be a little arrogant. A great place on your profile to be arrogant is the opening line.

For example, “It’s about time you clicked on this awesome guy! Thanks!”

A sentence like this will get a positive emotional response from the girls. It will make them smile and they will want to keep reading about you. You will also convey confidence without being arrogant. Showing self-confidence is a magnet for girls.

Tweak # 5: Keep your About Me section at the correct length and be positive

Guys make big mistakes with their About Me section in various ways, like: They hardly write anything … They sleep in their guts and take all the mystery about themselves … They talk negatively about their past relationships and what they think is wrong with women … and many more fatal mistakes, but you get adrift.

WARNING: Do not neglect the above secrets to make your online dating profile a magnet for girls! Make sure you take this tip seriously if you want to start flooding your profile with responses from hot, fun, and sexy girls.