Making some simple, and some not-so-simple, changes in your workplace can dramatically help the environment and slow down global warming. Think about the amount of time you spend at work each week; It’s a great opportunity to make a difference! Here are some things you can do:

1. Avoid paper – Switching to electronic invoicing is a great way to cut down on paper consumption, save trees, and cut greenhouse gas emissions in the process. Many people are afraid of online banking and billing, but the truth is, it’s probably safer than regular mail. A large part of identity theft happens by people going through your trash, which is obviously eliminated by checking in online. As long as you keep your security and virus software up to date, you should be fine. You can even offer the option to your clients if you have the capabilities.

2. Upgrade your electronics and lights – Getting Energy Star rated electronics and appliances in your office is a great way to reduce energy consumption. It may take some time to have a full office of Energy Star rated equipment, but when it comes time to replace something, opt for an Energy Star replacement. Also, when you need to replace light bulbs, use compact fluorescent lamps. Energy Star electronics and compact fluorescent lamps will help lower your electricity bill, but more importantly, they will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Implement a work-from-home program: Home office equipment consumes much less energy and allowing people to work from home obviously prevents their commuting. As long as employees are reliable and able to work on their own, there is no reason not to allow them to work from home a couple of days a week to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Reusable Shopping Bags – If you operate a retail store, you should offer and / or encourage your customers to shop with reusable bags. Using reusable bags helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduces pollution, and helps keep our planet beautiful.