Unlike humans, bees cannot exchange by talking to each other or writing a few words. Even they don’t use an antenna. They are even deaf and cannot hear any voice. You might be puzzled that they can’t communicate with each other, but they always find the best flowers and do well in groups. Many scientists have done a lot of research on the actions of bees and were surprised to find that bees are actually very intelligent. Read on, you will find out how bees communicate and exchange information with each other.

Bees have a special language, they communicate by dancing. There are many types of bees in the world, but the most beneficial should be honey bees or hives. They usually live in hives. Each of the hives will have a queen who will be responsible for creating more babies. And there are some drones and most of the bees are worker bees. Most of the communication occurs between worker bees. Every day some worker bees will fly to find the food source, when they find it, they will fly back to tell others with the use of different types of dance.

If the worker bees find a food source near the hive, they will fly back to the hive and perform a circular dance. If they find the source that is far away, they will do a wiggle dance. The direction of the dance will be the direction of the fountain. For example, they can dance from right to left or left to right, showing the general direction of the food source. And the total times of the dance will show the distance. The more times they dance, the further the source is. Sometimes they will find a very good source of food that is very rich; they will dance faster. Otherwise, they will dance at a slower speed.

Although bees cannot make sounds or write, they create a special way of communicating with each other. Different bees can have different types of dances and establish a kind of specialty for their own species. You can also do some research on your own and it can be very interesting to watch your actions.