How to run a bouncy castle rental business

If you want to earn some extra money for your family, you should consider starting a bouncy castle rental business. That way, you can continue to work at your full-time job and run your rental business by working part-time and on weekends.

We recommend that you incorporate the business as a limited company. This will allow the creation of a separate legal identity for your business. This is of great importance in the case of a legal claim for damages made by someone who says they were injured while using her castle. Fortunately, those situations are very rare, but you should legally protect yourself just in case.

This is an ideal part time business and the rewards can be high. We do not recommend renting them out as a full time business in Ireland as billing is affected by the weather. Obviously, if operating in a country where the climate is warmer could be a full time business

You can delight the kids and help the parties run smoothly when you run a type of company. The look of joy and expectation on the faces of the children when the “Bouncy Castle Man” arrives is priceless.

I remember one day a five-year-old boy asked me if I had children. When I told him that he was four, he told him with a very serious face that they must be the luckiest children in the world because they could play in a bouncy castle whenever they wanted.

The monetary rewards and cash flow can be great, but meeting kids like these makes for an emotionally enriching experience.

We recommend that you only rent bouncy castles for use by children rather than adults. There is a much higher demand for children’s castles and you can expect problems if your bouncy castle rental business rents castles for adult use.

We recommend that you start your business with three castles. Buy one large castle with a slide (16′ x 14′) and two without a slide (14′ x 12′). He charges 120 euros for the castle with a slide and 100 euros for the ordinary castles.

Grant a 10% reduction for off-peak contracting (Monday through Thursday). The inflatable with a slide will appeal to older children and parents who have larger yards. Ordinary castles are more suitable for younger children and parents who have smaller gardens.

Children have birthdays every day of the year and the jumping castles attract children from 2 to 13 years old. In the summer and fall, their parents can rent a jumping house for the backyard. In the winter and spring, parents can hire a community hall or a church hall to hold the party and accommodate the castle.

Based on our experience, the rental season is from April to October. Children prefer to use moon walks outdoors in their gardens rather than indoors.

Your client will almost always be a woman in her thirties or forties. They book the company, organize the parties and take care of the children’s entertainment.

When you are established, your company will get business due to word of mouth and repeat business. Every business needs publicity but especially a new business. What options would we recommend?

One option you can do is to post a paid ad in your local Yellow Pages/Gold Pages Directory, under the “Bounce Houses & Bouncers” category. You will have to pay an even higher cost if you want to have a boxed or large ad, which will make you stand out from the crowd. We found that a boxed ad generates more business, but you have to weigh whether the extra cost is recovered in additional revenue.

A much better option for you would be to get the free listing on the Gold Pages, where they just enter your company name and number and create their own website to advertise your rental company.

The website you create for your inflatable rental business is only restricted by your imagination. Don’t get the illusion that this will be an easy option. You will only be successful if you spend time developing your website. Taking this option is much better than just passively paying for a boxed ad in your local Gold Pages.

The website will provide you with countless opportunities to sell your jump house rental business to potential customers in your particular geographic area. You can initially get visitors for your new jumping castle rental business website by using pay per click advertising methods. This provides warm, cheap leads and, if done right, can be very effective. When traffic to your website increases, you can add another source of income by placing AdSense ads on your site. This money will significantly reduce your website hosting costs.

Below is a list of things you will need to start a bouncy castle business:

1) Jumping castle, rain cover, electric fan, mallet and anchor stakes.

2) Van to transport the castle. I use it in Ford Transit.

3) Floor cloth to protect the lower part of the hammock.

4) Electric extension cable (25 – 30 meters long).

5) RCD circuit breaker. (Safety cutting device).

6) Safety mat to put in front of the castle

7) Local street map of your city and its surroundings

8) Large A4 size desk planner to take reservations (1 page per day).

9) Ledger for recording income and expenses, etc.

10) Civil Liability Insurance Coverage. We strongly recommend a million euros minimum.

11) Safety Instruction Sheet

12) Client Liability Release Form

13) car

14) Mobile phone in the name of the company

15) A company bank account

We recommend that you purchase your castles for your moonwalk rental company from a reputable manufacturer. Your new bouncy castles should have at least a 1-year warranty. Make sure that the price of the castles includes a minor repair kit. Don’t buy a used inflatable for your business unless you are very experienced and know what to look for when it comes to things like sewing.

Only rent to homeowners having a party at their house or at a local hall. That way the chances of something going wrong are reduced and you know there will be proper adult supervision at play in the castle. Avoid renting to parties or community groups, as this significantly increases the chances of something going wrong. There is less supervision at these events and your company may regret accepting the reservation.

Bouncy castle hire companies in Ireland are very busy every Saturday in May. The reason for this is that this is the month that 8-year-olds make their first communion. This is a very important event for the child and her family.

The way it is usually celebrated is that the family, relatives, and the celebrating family bring friends over for lunch. Later the party continues at the child’s house and there is a tradition of renting an inflatable castle for the children to have fun.

Parents usually have to rent the castle before the previous December if they want to avoid disappointment. Parents who have their first child for communion, many times do not realize that this is the story and sometimes they can leave it too late to hire it. Don’t make the same mistake when it comes to recruiting your subsequent children.

Suggest to disappointed parents that they rent the jumping castle for Sunday. Resist the temptation to increase your price at this time. The customer will remember having to pay over the installments. They will not use your business again and will not recommend it to others. When making telephone reservations for your business, you should verify that there is sufficient side access to the rear garden. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than trying to moonwalk through a client’s house.

Renters will not cancel reservations. The first thing they will do after hiring you is tell your child that they have booked. So they’re not going to turn around and cancel the arrival on the big day.

Do not take money up front unless you are paying by check. Please allow two weeks for checks to clear. Assure the renter that there is no cancellation fee. In our experience, the only way to cancel the rental is if it’s pouring with rain.

At the beginning of our business, we constantly monitored the weather forecast and advised clients. We no longer do this after an incident where we called and told a client that the weather forecast was very bad and she wanted to cancel the bouncy castle rental at no cost to her. She asked us if we refused to give up the bouncy castle, completely missing the point and our good intentions. We deliver the bouncy castle. It rained incessantly during the day and they got very little out of the bouncy castle rental. When I came back, she said that she should have listened and now she realized that we had been thinking of her best interests. Let her decide if she wants to cancel the bouncy castle rental. She could even, like us, add a page to our bouncy castle rental website where potential customers can check the eight-day weather forecast.

We recommend always placing bouncy castles in the tenant’s back gardens. This allows you more control over who uses the unit and, from your perspective, limits the possibility of people outside of the group getting on the bouncy castle unit.

When you arrive at the party, check with the renter where exactly you want the bouncy castle to be placed. Make sure the area is grassy and large enough for the bouncy castle.

We have had situations where people have had to take down clotheslines and dig up plants and shrubs in order to assemble the bouncy castle. The contracting parties will do anything to make the bouncy castle they have rented fit because they will have told the child that the bouncy castle is reserved. You don’t want to have to turn around and tell the child that he had to cancel the bouncy castle rental order because the space is smaller than he thought.

Don’t be surprised if your client wants to move the bouncy castle when it’s up, as they may not have considered things like being able to see what’s going on from the house.

Get paid when the bouncy castle is installed to your satisfaction and have them sign two copies of the release form. Return one copy to him and keep the other on file. Insist on cash as checks can bounce or stop. If you accept checks, checks must be sent to the address of your bouncy castle rental business two weeks in advance so they will clear at the time of booking.

Show the renter how everything works and point out the different things that can go wrong unless children are properly supervised while playing on the bouncy castle. Make sure they have your mobile number in case something goes wrong during the bouncy castle rental.

Call back at the agreed time or a little later. The children will always want one more bounce on the bouncy castle, so there will be less bitterness if you arrive later than the agreed time.

Kids love helping deflate, fold, and store the bouncy castle. This should be encouraged as long as you make sure they won’t come to any harm while you lend a helping hand. Check that everything went well and when you store the bouncy castle, give him a voucher for 5 EUR off any future bouncy castle rental. Hand out business cards for any moms who were at the party and want to get in touch with your bouncy castle rental company in the future.

Good luck if you decide to get into the bouncy castle rental business.