QuickBooks accounting software supports a wide range of over 400 cloud accounting solutions. These plugins allow the user to fully automate certain accounting operations and accurately track their employees, inventory and other resources of a company.

But it is very difficult for a person to choose the best QB plugins from such a long list and therefore here is our pick of the top 8 plugins for QuickBooks.

1. Tsheets

Tsheets is a very useful time tracking plugin that can be easily integrated with QuickBooks. Whether you are creating or assigning a work schedule or better time tracking, Tsheets software does it all for you. It is a GPS-enabled application that provides more accurate and real-time data. You can enter the details in this app even when you are offline and the data will be updated when you are back online.

2. CRM method

Customer relationship management has never been easy, but with CRM, you can make customer relationship management child’s play. You don’t have to worry about data duplication with Method CRM, as it provides integrated customer information.

3. Count on me

If you are an accountant and you think that payroll operation consumes a lot of time from your daily work hour, then Count me In can be included in your favorite app lists. Integrates with QuickBooks software to list employee entry and exit times to determine their salary.

4. Fishbowl inventory

It is custom made software that can be easily integrated with QuickBooks accounting software. In addition to warehouse and manufacturing management, it also offers solutions for asset management.

5. SOS Inventory

Speaking of inventory management, QB performs very basic tasks and to improve your inventory management, you will need SOS Inventory. With SOS inventory, you can create item records and then use them in transactions as well.

6. Avalara

If you want to manage your taxes efficiently with QuickBooks, you will surely need Avalara. With Avalara, you can easily manage your taxes even with a complex and lengthy tax jurisdiction.

7. Transaction Pro Importer

Due to user preference or availability of the tool, QuickBooks alone cannot maintain all accounting data. Accountants can create some files in Excel or Text format and this is where Transaction Pro Importer makes sure that such files are easily converted to QB.

8. Invoice and pay

This add-in can be used with QuickBooks for collecting payments, billing, making deposits, and keeping records. Bill and Pay accepts various modes of payment online and that is why it is the preferred add-on on the market.

Although there are many plugins available for integration with QB, you need to be very particular when choosing plugins as if you add a lot of unnecessary plugins your QB will become slow.