Today, the Internet has become so common that people who do not know the Internet are called clumsy. This is due to the rapid development of technology and globalization. Societies are becoming more and more unified. You can easily communicate with the person who is in a different country. You can share your knowledge, thoughts by making use of the Internet. The results of the study have also tracked the popularity of Internet use. Last year’s study found that email is the number one task done online, followed by general browsing, reading the news, shopping, etc.

Internet shopping has also become popular among users, especially in developed countries; This is because ‘shopping online’ is more efficient than going to stores physically. The Internet provides an environment where the demands of buyers are met. Buying online also saves time and we can select a better product without having to travel a long distance. Through the Internet, the buyer can review the prices of the products of various stores by sitting in one place. Also, they can now buy products that are normally sold in a foreign country online. Instead of having to travel to the country to receive the products, they can order online and have it delivered efficiently.

The Internet also gives us the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. For example, sending an email costs less than sending a letter through the post, especially for people who have to communicate internationally. In addition to this, an email can be sent within a minute of writing it. To send a mail, we don’t need to complete the official procedure, such as the post office and a post box, etc. The recipient of the email can see it at any time and from anywhere, since it is a virtual means of communication, instead of having a mailbox where the letters are delivered.

The use of the Internet is not only limited to shopping and communication with people, but also provides the environment for news distribution and supports people to update themselves with the latest news. We can easily access the data anywhere in the world. The Internet is also a very good way of communication for people who want to express their own views and feelings. For young people, the Internet is not only a place of knowledge, but also has an entertainment aspect, such as online games, downloading movies, music, etc. But this is not the only reason why the Internet attracts the younger generation. They also agreed that the Internet provides ease for research and university students. This is because a large number of articles on the same topic can be found on the Internet with a single search.

In a nutshell, the popularity of the Internet has largely contributed to the development of society. It can be said that people nowadays depend more and more on the Internet for their daily work. Or we can also say that they are making use of this facility for their routine life to save time and money. Ultimately, it is a tool that is effective if used properly and effectively.