Rays Engineering is a Japanese manufacturer of high-end wheels for motorsport and street use, known primarily for its flagship brand of Volk Racing wheels. These wheels remain the choice of today’s automotive enthusiasts. Today’s best thing is the Volk Racing TE37 steering wheel! The Volk Racing TE37 wheel is a flagship design from the flagship wheel brand. This wheel features a 6-spoke 1-piece forged wheel design that has become a cult hit with JDM tuners and track racers alike. This wheel comes in different sizes with manufacturer recommended offset. And there are not only many custom sizes available on the Volk TE37 Racing Wheel. For example:

Volk Racing TE37 13×5, 4×100 rim.

Volk Racing TE37 14×5, 4×100 rim.

Volk Racing TE37 Wheel 14×6.5, 4×100 and more as standard.

These classic racing wheels from Rays have a forged monobloc construction and are lightweight and strong. All wheels come with different sizes for different makes and cars! Available in bronze, Rays wheels make your car look sportier and forged from aluminum, they bring a more striking shape, design and appearance to your car. Rays wheels are made of 6061 aluminum.

These wheels are available in the most common offsets and PCDs to fit most makes of models. Volk Racing has a unique 1 piece forged wheel design that has been proven in competitive races around the world. Through their successes in road racing, rallying, drifting, and other motorsports, these wheels continue to be the enthusiast’s choice for their extreme quality, lightweight design, and strength. Volk has many popular applications for most Japanese and European vehicles. These wheels will upgrade your vehicle to the next level.

Rays Wheels is now a day readily available on the internet market. Rays distinguishes itself as a premium wheel manufacturer in the racing and street tuning genres due to its light weight and maximum strength. Rays Engineering manufactures these wheels that have been used by various factory racing items including Nissan, Honda, Toyota, and Mazda. Rays engineering has also supplied products for a number of high-end racing series such as Super GT, British Touring Car Championship, Formula Nippon and Formula One. Rays wheels feature a high-tech casting and forging process that They are exclusive to Rays Engineering. Rays Engineering products have also been featured predominantly in the Fast and the Furious series.