In the early 1990s, Subaru had a 3.3-liter coupe in its stable, the Alcyone SVX was designed by influential designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. This two-door grand tourer combined luxury and performance. Production ran from 1991 until the car was retired in December 1996. However, it has now been confirmed that the SVX make or concept is about to make a comeback. There is current demand, in the US market in particular, for a high-powered coupe to enhance the Subaru brand and attract new customers. The current details are sketchy at best, but there are some details that are known.

Subaru is enjoying a wave of popularity right now, with all the gains that come with it. As part of this success, the plan is to further expand its reach in the corporate market. The SVX is expected to be the flagship of Subaru’s fleet, positioned firmly above the 2016 Tribeca. Initially, the target market will be the United States, but sources at Subaru say that both Australia and the United Kingdom are also on the list. Recent concept vehicles shown by Subaru have highlighted a couple of Viziv crossovers, this may give a clue to the SVX’s design. Another strongly hinted aspect is the use of a six-cylinder boxer hybrid engine. Handling defines Subaru’s modern fleet and the SVX can have AWD and firing brakes.

Subaru has openly stated that its future designs will be more attractive and refined. As the flagship of the fleet, it’s fair to say that the SVX will likely turn heads. The profile will be low with widened fenders and headlights very similar to the Viziv 2 concept vehicle. The Tribeca hybrid will launch in 2016 and employees will have a Subaru Global Platform or SGP. The purpose of the platform is to allow a front axle arrangement for electrification. It follows then that the new hybrid SVX, which has a tentative launch date for 2017, will probably also use the GSP.

Another interesting aspect of this upcoming hybrid coupe is the hybrid engine component itself. Subaru is committed to making the SVX a powerful coupe with excellent AWD handling, which is also frugal on its fuel economy. A 3.3-liter six-cylinder engine has been designed, has direct injection and will be paired with a plug-in hybrid unit made by Lexus. Subaru already has the XV Crosstrek hybrid system that was developed in-house, but the SVX’s engine will be too powerful along with it. Lexus has been developing hybrid technology for use in its high-powered cars for some time. Using a Lexus drive in this way will also reduce R&D costs and the drive can exceed 280 kW. This is a starting number to beat for Subaru, as it is the departure of the Tesla Model S, which is considered a rival vehicle.

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