In the pre-workout creatine market, there are plenty of options, but the big four are Anadraulic State GT, Jack3d, NoXplode, and Superpump 250. These are all solid pre-workout options and they’ll all give you extra pumps, endurance, and focus in the gym. Now is the time to take a look at each one, discuss the advantages or disadvantages of each and how they might fit into your exercise program.

The first contender is Anadraulic State GT from LG Sciences. It’s a strong creatine-based product that has a great strawberry lemonade flavor and a mix of exciting new ingredients. Anadraulic State GT bills itself as a “creandro” product, which means that it has factors that can help men increase their testosterone, as shown in preliminary data. This is a huge difference because it can really help increase the anabolic environment and recovery. It is also the only product tested to contain hydrolyzed amino acids, which are very good for recovery and growth. They will be available to the muscles as an amino acid pool and because they are hydrolyzed (predigested) they do not cause bloating or discomfort, making them perfect just before the gym. Anadraulic State GT also contains a new form of Synephrine and Caffeine to give you a stimulating boost, which will help boost your performance. As a pre-workout creatine supplement, it contains all the essentials you need, including beta alanine, creatine monohydrate, and specific free-form amino acids like taurine. On the world’s leading bodybuilding review site, Anadraulic State GT is rated 9.5 out of 10, making it a very popular and solid performing product. It is the only product that has the addition of these hydrolyzed amino acids, which was recently shown in a Dutch study to increase muscle growth by 33% compared to a pre-workout powder without hydrolyzed amino acids.

The second contender is USP Labs Jack3d. This one is relatively new to the pre-workout market and promises a no-nonsense formula without fillers and colors. USP Labs Jack3d’s claim to fame is that it doesn’t contain magnesium, which could make you go to the bathroom during your workout. I am not convinced of this, but I suppose it is a possibility. USP Labs Jack3d contains geranamine and caffeine to give it a stimulating boost, but previous formulas contained theophylline, which was removed from the formula. It contains very few ingredients, but they are effective and taste relatively good. Of all the pre-workout creatine formulas, USP Labs Jack3d has the fewest ingredients, which is part of USP’s sales pitch. It currently has a very respectable 9.0 rating, making it a top product.

Gaspari Superpump 250 is a traditional “kitchen sink” formula that has a little bit of everything, including maltodextrin, creatine, some free-form amino acids, and a host of other ingredients. To be honest, there are so many ingredients that it’s hard to see how they could all interact. Still, Gaspari Superpump 250 has a huge following and people seem to like it. It has a rating of 8.4 out of 10 and comes in the widest variety of flavors. I have only personally had the orange and it tasted pretty good, I certainly have no complaints. It has some great adaptogens like Bacopa and Rhodiola and a healthy dose of free-form amino acids, including some of the branched-chain amino acids. Overall it’s a solid performer with good variety and a good mix of carbohydrates and amino acids and enough creatine and arginine to give you good boosts. The only thing missing is beta alanine, which is a key ingredient for performance and mixes well with creatine.

BSN NoXplode is the current king of pre-training formulas. Over the years, it has changed several times in both ingredients and forms of creatine. It’s another “kitchen sink” formula with everything in it and even the excipients listed as “active” ingredients. Like Superpump 250, it contains a mixture of ingredients, but only contains creatine malate, not creatine monohydrate. This has some benefits, as creatine malate doesn’t seem to make you bloat as much as other forms of creatine, but it doesn’t have the body of evidence like creatine monohydrate to increase satellite cell production, reducing myostatin and performance. It has some cool aspects like creatine phosphate, which is a creatine-like molecule that promises to help increase endurance, NAD, which is great for energy, citrulline malate for endurance, and beta alanine, which improves performance. There are too many ingredients to see how they all fit together, making it difficult to do a full review of each ingredient. It is rated 8.1 out of 10 on the top review site, making it a very solid option.

The side effects of each are pretty much the same. They all contain caffeine, which obviously makes you feel focused, however it can make you feel jittery if you consume too much. Jack3d and Anadraulic State GT add two additional stimulants, for those addicted to stimulants, so if you like to get hooked up before the gym, these two are more your speed. They all also contain creatine, which has the potential to make you bloat. With the inclusion of insulin-like factors, LG Sciences Anadraulic State GT, BSN NOXplode, and Gaspari Superpump 250 should cause less bloating, as creatine is “forced” into muscle cells and doesn’t get stuck in extra water. Also, those that contain Beta Alanine, such as Anadraulic State GT, USP Labs Jack3d, and NOXplode can cause you to “tingle” or “itch,” as that is a natural side effect of beta alanine. This usually clears up within 5-10 minutes and the benefits of beta alanine make it more than acceptable. Don’t be alarmed when you feel it. The USP Labs Jack3d article states that magnesium-containing pre-workout creatine blends, such as Superpump and NOXplode, can cause you to use the toilet and run during your workout, as magnesium has laxative effects, but I personally think this is over the top . but you should know if you think it could be a problem.

Of all the products reviewed, you can’t really make a bad choice. A good pre-workout formula containing creatine is essential for a good workout, so try them all and decide for yourself which one is right for you. They all taste pretty good and have similar effects. The choice comes down to whether you want a simpler and more effective formula like Anadraulic State GT or you prefer the shotgun effect of everything in one powder. Do you want the testosterone-boosting effects of Anadraulic State GT or the inclusion of arginine in the other products? All in all, these will help you transform your workout and give you greater focus, aggressiveness, and attitude in the gym.

The sale price of each formula is quite varied. NOXplode is around $ 35, Superpump 250 is $ 31.99, USP Labs Jack3d is $ 26.99, and Anadraulic State GT is $ 25.99, so they’re all pretty close, but NOXplode is the highest price, yet. only about $ 10 separate the four. them.

Of the four, I would recommend Anadraulic State GT because it is the most comprehensive formulation for my needs. The addition of hydrolyzed amino acids makes a big difference in performance, as hydrolyzed amino acids immediately enter the bloodstream and offer a reserve of energy and recovery while you exercise.