Shrove Tuesday refers to the celebration that occurs before Ash Wednesday. This Tuesday is the last day that people can enjoy before making sacrifices before the Lenten season. Shrove is a word that comes from the word shriven, which means to ask for forgiveness or repentance. The Shrove Tuesday celebration does not celebrate repentance. It is a day where people can celebrate and be gluttonous for a day. People who celebrate Shrove Tuesday consume foods and beverages that they cannot consume during the Lenten period. This is the first answer to the question of why Carnival is celebrated.

The second answer to the question why this holiday is celebrated is because many countries recognize the need for people to be happy before offering a long period of sacrifice. This celebration is also called Mardi Gras, which is widely celebrated in many countries such as the United States and Brazil. People enjoy sweets and carnivals. The lively atmosphere during festivals also attracts people from other countries.

The third answer to the question of why this holiday is celebrated is because it is also known as Pancake Day in other countries. Pancake Day is celebrated in Great Britain, Australia and Ireland. People make pancakes with different toppings that are mostly sweet. People use delicious ingredients that they could not use during the Lenten season. This is very similar to Mardi Gras, where people just loosen up and eat a lot. One of the most popular games on Shrove Tuesday in the UK is the pancake race. This race was first held five hundred years ago. The participants are women and they carry the pancakes that are placed in pans. Women have to run fast to reach the finish line first. They should also flip the pancakes while running or fast walking. The person who reaches the finish line first, without burning the pancake, will be declared the winner.

The fourth answer to the question of why the holiday is celebrated is because it is a day that marks the beginning of Lent. In Sweden, people celebrate by making the sweet dough called Semla. It is a paste rich in cream. During Shrove Tuesday, people from European countries like Germany, Slovenia and Austria eat donuts. It is important that people avoid counting the calories they eat in order to enjoy them. In Greece and Russia, Shrove Tuesday occurs a week before Carnival in other countries.