Smart and courageous dogs are an important part of search and rescue units. His heroic deeds were recognized in museums, paintings, monuments, statues, memorials, and awards. Here are their heroic stories and names.

Good rescue dogs with names and breed are Apollo (German Shepherd), Balto (Husky), Barry (Saint Bernard), Dakota (Pitbull), Dusty (Airedale Terrier), Gandalf (Shiloh Shepherd), Swansea Jack (Newfoundland), Togo. (Siberian Husky) and Velvet (Labrador Retriever).

Apollo served in a K-9 search and rescue mission unit. The New York Police Department deploys the K-9 unit for the search and rescue mission in the September 11 attacks. The twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed after planes crashed into the twin towers. Due to Apollo’s heroism, he won the Dickin Medal. Apollo is a Greek dog name that means destroyer.

Balto is the lead dog of the last stage that transmitted diphtheria antitoxin to the city of Nome in 1925. The city of Nome needed the serum to save the city from an epidemic. In just five and a half days (674 miles), the dogs delivered much-needed serum. Balto is an English dog name that means God protects the King.

Barry rescued a total of forty lives between 1800 and 1814. Barry lived in a monastery near the border with Italy and Swish. The most famous rescue was that of the boy on an icy ledge. One snowy day, a boy was stranded on an icy ledge. It was impossible for anyone to reach the icy ledge. Barry braves danger to rescue the boy. Barry crawled slowly to the icy ledge. With Barry’s warm licks, the boy woke up. Then Barry put the boy to safety. Barry is a spear or shooter of Irish origin and a door or fence of French origin.

Dakota worked on more than 100 search and rescue missions. He’s a standout in search and rescue. He was sent on a search and rescue mission in the Columbia space shuttle disaster. The shuttle exploded in midair over Texas. All seven of the shuttle crew lost their lives. Dakota is a Native American dog name that means friend or ally.

Dusty led rescuers to a woman who fell off a cliff in a car. Unfortunately, she drove off the Oregon cliff on October 22, 2007. Dusty is a variation of the English name Dustin. It means brave warrior.

Gandalf led the rescuers to a boy scout named Michael Auberry. It was lost in March 2007. Gandalf is another English dog name that means wand elf.

Swansea Jack literally lived in Swansea, Wales. To be exact, Jack lived on a dock near the River Tawe. As a breed from Newfoundland, Jack is naturally strong and huge. And the breed likes to rescue someone who is having difficulty in the water. So, Jack was known to rescue someone from the water. With numerous rescues, Jack won numerous awards. Jack is a Hebrew dog name that means God is merciful.

Togo worked with Balto to bring diphtheria antitoxin to the city of Nome in 1925. However, Togo is the guide dog on the longest track. Togo is derived from the name of an African country.

Velvet ascended with eight mountain climbers on Mount Hood. Sadly, a major storm knocked down three climbers and Velvet. They had fallen 8,300 feet from the ledge. Meanwhile, the other five climbers were able to call for help. However, the rescue team was forced to cancel the mission as the storm worsened. Meanwhile, Velvet warms up climbers from one climber to another overnight. Finally, the search and rescue team was able to catch them as the storm subsided. Velvet is a dog name that refers to the shine and texture of the coat of short hair.

Using natural animal instincts, dogs rescue and save human lives. For humans, search and rescue is all work and business. For dogs, search and rescue is a game. They face danger to save countless lives.