After his regular workouts with his personal gym trainer, Daniel took a quick shower and put on his white pants, white T-shirt, and comfortable brown house slippers. He ordered his butler with whom he passed through his yard to call a masseur. “I need a masseur for the home service, before 12 noon.”

Daniel walked quickly when he saw Sarah in her rose garden. Sarah, tanned with a small body, gleamed in the reflected sunlight. Also, with her red hair, which now glowed like fire, Daniel could no doubt easily see her.

The butler caught him hastily, “Sir, the masseur will be on his way after an hour.” Daniel nodded, “Ok, thanks Antonio, that will be it.”

While he waited, he decided to sit on his finely crafted bench between two mango trees located in front of the house, on the left side of his rose garden. He greeted Sarah, who was tending her roses that morning.

It was around 9 o’clock when Sarah came out of her long sleep in her worn black jeans and a pale yellow crew neck shirt with her favorite black trim. Missing breakfast, she stopped by the kitchen and grabbed a 12-ounce bottle of fresh carrot and orange juice at ref. He served some in a glass. He drank it carefully and let the pulp of the orange juice play a bit on his tongue before swallowing. She was like a child, happily sipping her favorite juice as she gazed at the view outside her rose garden. He could see it through the glass wall of the dining room, directly across from the kitchen. She put the empty glass on the sink and walked excitedly into her beautiful rose garden.

He was so happy to pick up some roses with small scissors in his right hand. She carefully cut the roses that were ready to be placed in her long-necked, oval-shaped glass vase. He was able to collect 12 roses. He put the roses one by one in the vase and arranged them beautifully. She was reviewing and looking at her work when she looked at Daniel sitting on the bench greeting her. She understood that he liked her to sit with him, so she called her housekeeper and handed her the vase. “Bring this up to my room and put it on my study table, okay? Thanks!” Nana smiled, “Yes ma’am, I will.”

“Hey honey come here,” Daniel, who had a built body and gray hair like Richard Gere, greeted her happily. Sarah kissed him on the right cheek near his ear and whispered “good morning, Magdalena”, then hugged him. She released him and looked at him smiling, then he gently kissed her lips. She let him kiss her for a few seconds and then moved the kiss to her nose and gave her a quick kiss.

She sat on his lap with her right arm wrapped around his shoulder. He looked into her eyes that even she was smiling sweetly at him, he could tell right there, deep in those green eyes, that a faint example of hope for their relationship to grow, had already faded from her. He caressed her face with his right hand. His right thumb gently rubbed her lower lip. “I know, I’ve been emotionally estranged from you, for the last few weeks, but I want to fix everything with you, would you leave me?” He spoke to her with great care and concern. And then he whispered, “I have something you will like.”

He took a small blue box out of his pocket and opened it. She picked up a set of 21-karat gold earrings with a 1-carat princess-cut diamond in each. She wasn’t that surprised. She always knew that he was good at this. Every time he liked to make amends with her, he lavished her with expensive jewelry.

Wow, they are beautiful! Thank you, I don’t know what to say. “She gave Daniel a kiss on the lips. She bent her head so that he could easily put them on her ears. She took off the old ones and replaced them with the ones. She took off the old ones and put them inside the ear. blue box, then looked him in the eye and said, “I’m happy you want us to close again and work on our differences.”

“I’ve been thinking for the past few days and I’m really sorry for my tremendous loss if I didn’t hold you in my arms anymore, would you ever give us another chance?” Daniel told her with his eyes fixed on hers. He thought deeply for a while and said with a smile: “Of course, but give me a little time for this, I need more time to think about it all, okay?”

He nodded and kissed her lips so gently once more. She kissed him back, but cut him off immediately.

She stood up and gave him a hug. “I have to go dear, I need to take a shower now, I’ll be late, I have a lunch meeting with my mom and dad. See you tonight, okay?”

He grabbed her right hand, kissed it, and let it go. “Hey, take care, my cookie monster!” He smiled at her and winked. Sarah giggled a bit and jokingly howled, “Take care arrrg, I’ll get back to you later, if you’re lucky!” They laughed out loud together and then Sarah gracefully walked her way back to the house. She looked at him, yelled, “And yes, I will, don’t worry,” and blew him a kiss.

Daniel is a very rich businessman. He is always busy. Travel from time to time. He is sweet but also a very proud man. He loves Sarah in his own special way. He adores her.

Sarah also cares about Daniel. She got along with him but lately everything has changed …