The newest game at Las Olas is SoLita Restaurant and Ultra Lounge. SoLita means “South of Little Italy”, which brings you back home to family traditions with a fusion of modern atmosphere. And what a fusion of modern atmosphere it is! SoLita is so sexy, so modern and so delicious that you just want to delight in everything ultra-glamorous about SoLita.

SoLita’s “head cook” is Anthony “Radar” Risoli. They are not based on SoLita qualifications, but on your natural abilities, which is the foundation that SoLita has built. “Radar” is a calm and unassuming man with a vast knowledge of everything related to food and wine. “Radar” is old school Italian cuisine and his right hand is Victor Barry, the new school culinary prodigy. This complementary kitchen duo has undoubtedly turned traditional Italian food at SoLita into something so glamorous and so delicious.

The Italian Poppers are seasonal mini sweet peppers filled with fresh ricotta cheese, herbs and lemon essence, this is the creation of Victor’s nouveau cooking style; These Italian Poppers are apparently good for you, (without the cheese!) that you could eat the entire appetizer plate and not feel guilty. I did it and I don’t!

The SoLita house makes meatballs with pomodoro sauce and fresh herbs is one of the specialties of “Radar”; The last time I had meatballs with a pomodoro sauce like that was over 20 years ago at Sunday dinners in RI at a childhood friend’s grandmother’s house. What this means is that the pomodoro sauce from “Radar” is amazing! No one has ever come close to making salsa like Jenny; (“Radar” has possibly peaked at the threshold).

The Eggplant Rollatini stuffed with sauteed mushrooms, spinach, roasted red pepper and a fresh tomato and basil sauce was a meal in itself. The tomato basil sauce was completely different from the pomodoro sauce. Obviously you would think so, but when was the last time you ate “real” Italian food with the proper sauce? The secrets in the sauce. Always has been, always will be. If I had been given a straw, I would have finished what was left of the tomato basil sauce on my plate.

Each and every one of the dishes on the SoLita menu is homemade. This is not a kitchen food factory. Each menu item has details and they are adhered to to the letter of the recipe. One would probably never presume to say that Brussels sprouts are sexy and yet SoLita’s Crispy Brussels Sprouts are seared and seasoned to perfection with lemon and chili that epitomize the “glamor of food” alongside the beetroot salad. made from salt-roasted rainbow beets with goat curd, roasted walnuts and fresh mint. This is a sexy meal; traditional with a healthy infusion of modern fusion. And sometimes the convention needs a good “flash in the pan” and this is exactly what “Radar” has done to garlic shrimp with its alluring version called Shrimp SoLita. Hey, “Radar” I ate Brussels Sprouts! Now how did you make them so crispy ?? and the SoLita Shrimp, you left me hanging which makes the dish so WOW! ????

Culinary at SoLita is not a term used only for the kitchen, but it is also oriented in The Purple Wine Bar and The Parlor Lounge with the exclusive culinary cocktails of SoLita; Extraordinary drinks made from the purest food ingredients with a vigorous dose of your favorite liquor. You can drink your food in SoLita!

SoLita is divided into three areas, The Purple Wine Bar, The Parlor Lounge and the dining room. SoLita is a destination restaurant that once called you, you stay. I did. I was there all night. (trying to get “The Secrets of Radar!) There is so much to see, eat and do in this ultra-chic and ultra-glamor place that you won’t want to leave. Everything is beautiful, the food, the people, the The crystal chandeliers and the table lights sparkle like shimmering stars adding just the right amount of sexiness that clearly defines the ultra lounge. The cool and talented house DJ starts spinning and mixing dance music that will infuse you with mojo. SoLita is so sexy so ยก Fashionable and so delicious! You can’t help but be “so” too. So put your game on people and visit Solita where everything is so good.