The 30 Day Reiki Challenge [30DRC] was an extremely popular online Reiki event held in 2008. Reiki practitioners of all Reiki schools and styles, including practitioners of all skill levels, were invited to participate in this unique event and the success achieved was quite impressive.

Every day for 30 days, a task designed to expand Reiki awareness, Reiki education, and the Reiki experience was assigned. Certain key points that are often overlooked in individual Reiki practices were highlighted and focused to the point where those fundamental elements were clarified and effective methods for incorporating them into your Reiki practice were clearly presented.

Three Pillar Reiki Training

Reiki practitioners of all levels who followed the 30DRC were guaranteed success with minimal effort; however, the biggest success stories were from those who put a little more into it. The daily exercises were not only fun and easy, but also very educational as they were based on the original three pillar training of Hana Reiki.

Three-pillar Reiki training is based on the idea that Reiki practitioners have different motivations and perspectives at various points in their Reiki practice. At different times in our life, different things are important to us. The Three Pillars Reiki Training, therefore, addresses the three main areas of importance and views Reiki with equal emphasis on its healing, energetic and spiritual aspects, that is, the Three Pillars.

In 30DRC, the course was divided into 3 sections, each of which covered one of these aspects. The healing aspect is where most Reiki practitioners spend most of their Reiki practice, either offering healing to others or healing themselves, either live or remotely.

30 Day Reiki Challenge eBook

For those who missed the event online, the 30DRC is now available in e-book format and the 30-day Reiki Reiki forum is available for discussion as it goes on day by day. This e-book can be downloaded along with an accompanying 30-Day Reiki Challenge Planner, which helps keep track of the progress made on a day-to-day basis. The combination of all three is a powerful complement to any Reiki practice.

If you are one of the multitudes of Reiki practitioners who received their Reiki Certification online, then there is a good chance that your training was minimal. The 30-day Reiki Reiki can take that minimal training and literally help you compete with any of the greatest Reiki Masters in the world.

Throughout DRC 30, follow-up reading was suggested that expanded on the topic and assignment for the day. All of these readings are included in the e-book version, creating a resource that can be referenced over and over again as you progress on your Reiki journey.

30 Day Reiki Challenge of Spiritual Attunement

The highest level of Reiki practice lies in your spiritual practice, as Reiki was originally designed as a spiritual path. Unfortunately, this is also the area most overlooked and misunderstood by modern Reiki practitioners. To date, more than 20,000 people have viewed the online videos posted on YouTube as part of the Challenge. They were designed to open the crown chakra and break any energy blockages that may be impeding your progress on your unique and personal spiritual path.

Experiencing the 30-Day Reiki Challenge Spiritual attunement is just one of the daily challenges that allowed the 30DRC to be so successful. The 2009 version of the 30-day Reiki Reiki is in preparation, and this year promises even more than what was already a tremendously effective addition to any Reiki practice with the addition of audio and video supplements designed to pack an even more powerful experience. within 30 days. event of the day. Up-to-the-minute details are available on the author’s website, as well as more detailed information on any of the information in this article.