He meets a guy named Ordinary who was a Nobody, lived in a land of Familiar, who had a Big Dream. He sought to pursue the Great Dream of him. The Dream Giver gave Ordinary a Big Dream and convinced him to leave his Comfort Zone. Ordinary begins to chase the Big Dream from him, overcoming the border thugs. Him fighting his way through the wasteland, fighting the fierce Giants on Earth. He will also learn that this modern day parable will help him start his own daring adventure. What at first appears to be a path full of obstacles is actually a series of opportunities that will help you move towards your destiny. While Bruce Wilkinson serves as his Dream Coach, offering him ideas and practical solutions.

Bruce Wilkinson is the author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers The Prayer of Jabez and Life God Rewards, as well as Secrets of the Vine, Experimenting Spiritual Breakthroughs, and many other books. He serves as President of Global Vision Resources, Ovation Productions.

Bruce Wilkinson with David and Heather Kopp walks you through as your dream guide and gives you ideas and practical solutions – some in When, it seems like it’s not going to make you “consider it all joy”, go ahead trusting, remember where In this For now, isolate yourself in the main areas where your trust in the Lord needs to grow. Ask yourself a question. What in your Dream do you doubt the Lord about at this moment? Install some safety nets under you to encourage and protect you when you feel like giving up on the so-called Dream Giver in your life.

Surround yourself with friends who will help you through your Wasteland experiences. Increase the amount of time you spend with Dream Giver Spend more time than usual reading and studying the Bible. Focus on Exodus, Joshua, and Psalms. You’ll be surprised how often you find the answer you’re looking for. Ask the Lord for the wisdom that he promised to give to all who ask for it in faith. Pray for what concerns you most. And keep a spiritual journey and keep them during the Wasteland seasons. Solve your questions, emotions and points of view on paper with Dream Giver. Install deep in your heart the commitment that you will not turn back, no matter how long, difficult or painful the way through the desert is. Hold on to this key truth: “Now the righteous shall live by faith, but if anyone shrinks back, my soul takes no pleasure in him.”

In these present times, this parable will help you begin to have enough courage to pursue your destiny. Remember to trust and believe in the Lord Jesus. and pray and ask for wisdom. You will learn how Ordinary goes after the Big Dream of him breaking the limits of his Border Bullies called Nobodies. Which were, his Mother, his Uncle, his Best Friend, and the Owner of Familiar who decided what was right for the Nobodies, Owning every inch of the land, even the bridge Ordinary needed to cross from Familiar to pursue the Dream of the. Familiar’s owner told Ordinario that he was denying her access to the bridge. Ordinary replied: “but why?” The landlord said because he needs all the Nobodies to stay in Familiar at his regular job: “I won’t lose any more Nobodies to this silly Dream idea. I won’t let go!”

Shaking off their Comfort Zone, they knew they had something to lose, if Ordinary went ahead. In the mist of all this, Ordinary meets Champion who brought him these things. Ordinary wanted to know how he could get them on his side and Champion told him that maybe he couldn’t, but wisdom is the key, try to understand what motivates them and seek the merit of their concerns. Some Bullies you just need to dismiss or avoid. But most borderline aggressors have concerns that can help you clarify his plans. This is how Dreamers turns oppositions into opportunities. Champion gave him a word of wisdom. “Hold on to your dream. Someday you’ll be somebody. I know it!” Champion shook Ordinary’s hand and said, “Remember when bullies try to block your way, what matters most is who you choose to please!”

Ordinary had a little lingering hunch that the Giver of Dreams gave him and persuaded Ordinary to leave the Land of Familiar to pursue his Big Dream. And with that little lingering feeling that grew and grew, he began to want it. Time passed, one morning Ordinary woke up with the word echoing in his head: What you lack, you already have. Could be? He discovered that in a small corner of his heart lay a Great Dream. The Dream told him that he was a Nobody created to be Somebody and destined to achieve Great Things. Ordinary jumped out of bed and discovered something else. A long white feather resting on his window sill and he thought where did he come from? What did it mean? With Ordinary’s lingering sentiment, he was so excited that he decided he had a visit from the Giver of Dreams. Ordinary heard rumors of Nobody in Familiar waking up to a Great Dream. But he never imagined that it would happen to him.

She hurriedly dressed, her great Dream pounding in her chest. She couldn’t wait to get to his regular job and break the news to his best friend. Ordinary realized that he had a problem. His Big Dream was too big for an Ordinary Nobody. He would be embarrassed to tell anyone. Even his best friend would laugh. Still, Ordinary was too excited to keep the Dream of him to himself. As soon as he saw Best Friend, he blurted out, “The Giver of dreams gave me dreams! I was made to be Somebody and destined to achieve great things!” Best Friend looked surprised, but he didn’t laugh and said, “That’s really big, but if I were you, I wouldn’t talk too much about this dream of yours. No one around here would take you for a fool.” After that, Ordinary would keep the Dream of him for himself. Day after day Ordinary showed up at his Regular Work. But while he worked he thought about his dream. He thought what it would be like if he did what he loved instead of just dreaming about it. His ordinary longing for the Great Dream grew and grew, until he finally realized that he would never be happy unless he could pursue it.

Time passed, but nothing changed. Ordinary began to hate his usual work. This is not what I was made for, he told himself. I just knew it! After a while, he began to worry that maybe he hadn’t received a Big Dream after all. He maybe he had made it all up. And he got sadder by the day. One night, after work, Ordinary went to see his parents to see the box. But his box was broken, so the house was very quiet. Even calmer because his mom was shopping at Familiar Foods. In the Stillness, Ordinary began to think about the Dream of him again. He looked at his father sitting in his recliner, looking at a single page of Nobody’s News. He maybe he could help. “Father,” Ordinary said, “I’m getting sadder and sadder, I don’t like my usual job anymore. In fact, I think I hate it.” Father looked up. “That’s terrible! he said.” What happened. Before he could stop himself, Ordinary started talking about the Dream Giver and his Great Dream.

“I was made Somebody and accomplished Great Things!” he said. And then he told his Father the Name of his Dream. As he spoke Ordinary, his voice trembled. He was sure his father would laugh or call him a fool. But he did not. “I’m not surprised to hear you say these things.” he said. Ordinary was surprised. Ordinary began to tell him that he had this Dream since he was little. he said, “don’t you remember?” You used to build that same dream with sticks and mud in front of the house.” Then Ordinary did remember. He had always had his Dream! It was what he had always wanted to do, and what he had always thought he would do. His eyes filled with tears, “Father, he said, I think I was born to do this.” Ordinary and his father sat down and his father seemed to remember something and asked him after a while, “When you woke up with your Big Dream, son, did you find a pen?” Ordinary was surprised, “How did you know?” he asked.

His Father began to tell him: “A long time ago, I also woke up with a Dream”, “And it came with a long white feather. It was a wonderful Dream. I left the feather on my window sill while I waited for an opportunity to chase it. I waited and I waited. But it never seemed possible. One day I noticed that the pen had turned to dust.” Ordinary was sad for all the words he heard that night. His father hugged him. He said, “Don’t make the same mistake he did, son,” he said. “You don’t have to be a nobody anymore. You can be a dreamer!”

When Ordinary got home, he went straight to the window and picked up the long white feather. He turned it over and looked carefully at it in his hands. He thought of the Dream of the Father that he left behind. Then he had a surprising idea. Could it be that perhaps the Giver of Dreams gave each Nobody a Dream, but only a few embraced his dreams? And a few less persecuted them? The more he thought about it, the more he thought it had to be true. One thing Ordinary knew for sure, he didn’t want to repeat Father’s mistake on him. He wouldn’t waste another day waiting for his Dream to seem possible. He would find a way to chase him down.

Timed Pass Ordinary worked hard on his plan to start his Dream. She made choices. He made tough changes. He even made great sacrifices. Finally, one morning, she was already there. Ordinary ran all the way to his usual work, his dream throbbing in his chest. As soon as he saw Best Friend, Ordinary blurted out the news, “That big dream I told you about, I’ve decided to pursue it!” Best Friend looks worried. “You know as well as I do that Nobodys who pursue their Dreams leave Familiar,” he said. They set off like mad into the Unknown, looking for a place where…

“Yes, yes, I know,” Ordinary interrupted, and I can’t wait to get started! But Ordinary, that journey is anything but sensible or safe. Why leave Family? It’s so comfortable here. And besides, you’ve always lived here. “I thought of all that too,” said Ordinary, “but my Dream is too important and wonderful to lose.” Best Friend shook his head. “So you’re going to become a Dreamer,” he said. “I am a Dreamer!” replied Ordinary. “Today I’m going to tell my boss that, quitting my regular job, I’m starting my trip tomorrow. Hi best friend,” Ordinary added excitedly, “you can have my recliner and box!” And with that, Ordinary walked away, humming a tune he had never heard before.

Ordinary couldn’t wait to gift his best friend his recliner and the box he had, and he left singing a tune he had never heard before. Ordinary leaving his Boss and his Regular Job to start his journey. Ordinary’s best friend couldn’t believe that Ordinary was going to be a dream. Ordinary knowing in his heart that he was a Dreamer. Best Friend knowing that Ordinary lived in the Land of the Familiar, he didn’t like the sound of Ordinary chasing his Dream. He thought that Nobodies never leave the Land of the Familiar to pursue his Dreams and rush like fools into the Unknown. Ordinary thought about what Best Friend said, but decided to pursue the Dream of him anyway. He made sacrifices, he made tough decisions. Time passed, Ordinary worked hard to pursue the great Dream of him.