I have been reading books on spirituality for the last few years, ever since my sufferings reached their peak. I feel better now, but I’m not completely free of my mind. I observe the mind, sometimes I let myself be dominated by it, and sometimes I don’t.

I know most of the famous spiritual teachers, but recently one of my friends introduced me to an anonymous spiritual teacher, aptly named Anon I mus. I spent some time on his website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel, and this is how I can summarize his teachings and my perspectives on them.

  • be anonymous

Anon Imus emphasizes the fact that the main reason he wants to remain anonymous is because he sees that people are attracted to the form and past of a spiritual teacher. He uses the famous analogy of the finger pointing to the moon and the need for a seeker to stop glorifying spiritual teachers and focus more on the message. He appears in the videos and photographs of him with his face covered. Cool effects there. I wonder what software you use…just kidding.

  • Purpose of the Universe

When a person begins to search for spirituality, some of the important questions they face include: What is the purpose of the Universe? What is the purpose of my life? What I’m going to do with my life? Anon Imus explains that, before the world existed, before the big bang, when there was only pure consciousness, there was so much creativity, energy, love that the Universe was born to express, explore and expand. To know itself, consciousness took shape. Nothing would not know itself unless there is a thing. Get it?

  • Dualistic world and suffering

The Universe exists in duality: Hot/cold, masculine/feminine, tall/short, etc. As consciousness forgets itself in this dance of forms, the illusion of separation is created. As identification with form (thoughts and emotions) increases, a sense of separation seems to be the reality and then suffering arises. The pain of suffering then becomes the motivation for the human being to know his true nature and thus wake up. The game of hide-and-seek ends when consciousness knows itself.

  • to achieve peace

Anon I must tell us to leave all things of the mind; attachments, fears, desires, ambitions, beliefs, etc., since they are only an obstacle to being fully ourselves. Awareness is the key. Be aware of everything going on in the mind by being the observer, thereby overcoming thought patterns rather than being unconsciously drawn into them. Anon I mus does not refer to any spiritual practice, as he believes that following practices has, in itself, given us an excuse to become ambitious to achieve something when there is nothing to achieve; Only be.

  • Business practices with spirituality

Next, I must firmly believe that all spiritual teachings must be free and discourage making a business out of the teachings. All teachings come from the one consciousness and therefore it is not the property of one person to sell and make money. I somewhat disagree with him here. In our world, although we are awakening spiritually and realizing how dysfunctional our social and economic structures are, we need to find a vehicle to make the teachings available to many people and also to make a living. This is just my perspective.

To sum it up, I love this guy and the work he is doing. He is putting in a lot of hard work and his efforts are highly commendable. Beginners who have never heard of spiritual topics will find his videos interesting. His language is simple and direct. He regularly posts helpful spiritual messages on his Facebook page and Tumblr, and even offers a free e-book on his website. I find his teachings very close to those of Eckhart Tolle, but the message sounds more poetic than practical. With that said, you should definitely check out his teachings and possibly gain new perspectives. The videos of him have great visuals, not to mention his wise words. Peace!