Apple has done it again. The much talked about new iPad is drawing a lot of attention in the market and among users with its latest features, amazing touch screen and lightweight design. Some people would say that you have an iPhone update and rightly so. While it still retains some of the key features of the iPhone, many new features have been added to keep up with today’s high technology demands. Among the many features, the top five in my opinion are as follows.

– App Store: iPad currently runs nearly 140,000 apps from the popular App Store, which includes all kinds of apps, including games, business, entertainment, research and educational tools, and more. Additionally, iPad-specific apps will be highlighted for convenience and can be accessed simply by touching the App Store icon on the screen.

– iBooks: If you’re a big reader like me, this is a feature you’ll love. iPad includes the iBook app that lets users read and buy books, keep purchased books on a shelf for easy access, and read them on a vivid, color-rich display.

– Wireless: You can access and use the fastest networks on an iPad because it has built-in 802.11n networking capabilities. Wherever you are, you can easily connect to a Wi-Fi network that your device can detect and connect to.

– Battery Life: Many apps and features require battery life to allow you to use them. iPad has lithium polymer technology to maximize battery life for up to ten hours.

– Multi-Touch: Last but not least is the iPad’s multi-touch technology that makes it precise, responsive and accurate.