Yorkshire Terriers are a small breed of toy dog ​​that is coveted for its outgoing personality and beautiful coats. These dogs were originally bred in England to clear mines of rat infestations, a job these little dogs excelled at. Little is known about the origin of the breed, as they were bred by mill operators in the 19th century who were probably more concerned with the work the dog would do than with keeping breeding records.

It wasn’t until the late 1860s when a Yorkshire woman showed her paisley terrier dog that the breed was truly defined. A long, silky coat that is parted down the middle of the back, usually blue or silver in color, along with distinctive brown markings on the ears, chest, and head in an animal seven pounds or less is the general description of a Yorkshire terrier. They have boundless energy and are many people’s favorite pets.

indoor pet

Since the Yorkshire terrier is such a small breed, these dogs are best kept indoors. This means that there are several training problems that you will have from the beginning. One of the main areas of concern for this dog is puppy training, or more accurately, potty training. This can be one of the most difficult puppy training problems a new Yorkshire terrier owner will face. However, with proper instruction and patience, it can be easily overcome.

The other problem Yorkshire terrier owners complain about is excessive barking. These little dogs are quite territorial and are serious about protecting their home and their humans, so barking at every sound can be quite distracting. Again, all you need are tried and true training techniques to calm your Yorkshire terrier down.


The energetic and energetic nature of this dog means you’ll need to take him out for walks. Correct training of the puppy at an early age will make this task much more enjoyable for both of you. Prevent unfortunate accidents and territorial behavior by taking the time to learn how to properly train your Yorkie. Unfortunately, all too often, rescue groups find themselves overrun with these dogs because of problems that some good puppy training could have fixed.

puppy socialization

All dogs need to be properly socialized from a very young age, but especially a Yorkshire terrier. If not handled properly as puppies, they tend to become aggressive or very shy. None of these character traits are healthy or something you want in a pet.

Finally, the importance of puppy training

Yorkshire terrier puppies are outgoing and fun-loving. They quickly form strong bonds with their human counterparts and see themselves as protectors despite their small stature. The most important part of owning one of these confident little dogs is proper puppy training. He’ll want to learn all he can about breed-specific issues like the ones above and how to best address them. When you have the correct puppy training techniques, you can expect a close and fun relationship with these beautiful animals.