Looking for something fun to do at your next party or family event? Why don’t you try the trivia? It’s fun, exciting and everyone can participate. Age, sex and number of people does not matter. Trivia is for everyone and can be played anywhere.

Sports trivia is a great option because almost everyone knows something about sports. You may not be a hockey fan, but what do you know about skating or sailing? Almost everyone has knowledge or information about some kind of sport. You don’t have to be the world’s biggest fan to enjoy sports tidbits. You can print and enjoy these fifty questions that I have compiled about all kinds of sports and sports figures. Test your knowledge or that of your friends. Enjoy!

1: In which sport was Britain’s Linford Christie banned from competing for two years?

A: The 100 meter race because he tested positive for drugs.

2: The entire team from which country was banned from competing in the Sydney Paralympics?

A: Spain, athletes without disabilities were caught entering the games.

3: Which sports figure holds the record for the most times on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

A: Michael Jordan has been on the cover 47 times.

4: Who is the only man to play an NFL game and an MLB game in one day?

To: Deion Sanders

5: Which two countries have not missed one of the modern Olympics?

A: Greece and Australia

6: Which goalkeeper holds the record for the most wins in the regular season?

To: Patrick Roy

7: What is the maximum weight for a golf ball?

A: 1.6oz

8: In Olympic badminton, how many feathers does the bird have?

Until: 14

9: What professional sport did bank robber John Dillinger play?

A baseball ball

10: Who was the only person elected to the football and baseball hall of fame?

A: Cal Hubbard

11: Wayne Levi was the first golfer to win a PGA tournament using a colored ball. What color was the ball?

An orange

12: Which athletic event is banned from high schools in every state except Rhode Island?

A: The hammer throw

13: The World Cup has only been won by three European countries. Who are they?

A: West Germany, England and Italy.

14: Which NHL team was once called the St. Patricks?

A: Toronto Maple Leaves

15: What sport, aside from baseball, uses the word ‘homerun’?

a cricket

16: What sport awards the Maurice Podoloff Trophy?

A: Basketball, awarded to the most valuable player

17: How many panels make up a soccer ball?

Until: 32

18: How many stitches are there on a baseball?

Up to: 108

19: Who was the first female skydiver?

A: Jean Genvieve Granerin in 1799, jumped out of a hot air balloon.

20: What is the most watched sport in the world?

A: Football (soccer).

21: Which sport has the largest number of participants in the world?

A: Fishing.

22: In what year did boxing become a legal sport in the United States?

Until: 1901

23: What edible substance was found in golf balls?

A: darling

24: Who holds the baseball record for most stolen bases in a single season?

A: Rickey Henderson

25: Who holds the record for the longest hitting streak in baseball?

A: Joe DiMaggio, 56 games.

26: Who holds the basketball record for most career rebounds?

A: Wilt Chamberlain

27: Who holds the basketball record for most fouls?

To: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 4657.

28: Who holds the basketball record for most blocked shots?

To: Hakeem Olajuwon 3830.

29: In what year was Ice Dancing included in the World Championships?

Until: 1952, in Paris.

30: Who holds the record for most home runs in a single season?

A: Barry Bonds set the record in 2001.

31: Which woman took silver at the Men’s World Figure Skating Championships in 1902?

A: Madge Syers-Cave, there were no women’s events and there was no rule that men said a woman couldn’t compete.

32: Who was the first woman to win the Women’s World Figure Skating Championship?

A: Madge Syers-Cave, won it in 1906

33: What is the name of the stadium where the Houston Astros play?

A: Minute Maid Park

34: What sport do the Houston Astros play?

A baseball ball

35: Which country won the gold medal in men’s beach volleyball at the 2008 Summer Olympics?

A: USA, the Rogers/Dalhausser team defeated the Brazil team to win gold.

36: Who holds the record for most goals in the NHL?

A: Wayne Gretzky, scored 894.

37: In which sport would you use the terms curl and coil?

A: Candle

38: What sport awards the Ryder Cup?

A: Golf

39: Who holds the records for most goals in a season in the NHL.

A: Wayne Gretzky, in the 81-82 season he scored 92 goals.

40: How many players are on the field for each football team?

A: 11 there are 12 in Canadian soccer.

41: James Naismith is credited with inventing which sport?

a basketball When it was first played, there were only 13 rules.

42: Which sport has a three in the key rule?

A: Basketball was introduced in 1936 to reduce contact between players.

43: In basketball, how far from the net is the free throw line?

A: 15ft or 4.6m.

44: How long does a soccer game last?

A: 60 minutes.

45: In which sport could you find a dagger and a trapeze?

A: Navigation.

46: Which country held the 2008 Olympics?

A: The Olympic Games were in Beijing China.

47: Which sport awards the Winston Cup?


48: What sport did Sonny Liston participate in?

A: Boxing, he was a heavyweight.

49: Affirmed, you won the triple crown in 1978, who was your regular jockey?

A: Steve Cauthen and he was the youngest jockey to win the triple crown.

50: Who won eight gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics?

A: Michael Phelps in swimming.