I have been a member of the 2 largest book exchange sites for a long time. I guess more than 5 years now. I am referring to BookMooch and Paperbackswap.com.

They are very easy to use. Sign up Sign in. Then you make a list of the isbn numbers of about 10 of your books. This will give you a free credit on both sites. Every 10 books you list on BookMooch will earn you 1 credit. That is a very good incentive to list many books.

It’s not entirely free, of course. It wouldn’t be right for the person who sends you the book to pay the shipping costs, would it? But they actually pay shipping when they send you a book. BUT you pay shipping when someone orders a book from you. And all this turns out to be even isn’t it? Well, quite. Some books are heavier and cost more to ship, BUT it is in your power not to mention War and Peace or anything by Alexandre Dumas.

I am a bookseller. So I’m always looking for a book worth $8-$10 to put on eBay or Amazon for a small profit. But paying $2 or more isn’t much for a used book. Still, like I said, if it’s $8-$10, then Mooch the book is worth it to me. If you are a bookseller, I suggest you look at these sites and see if it would be worth it. I recommend putting together sets. Many of the books that are oversized trade paperbacks. These books, if in good condition, can easily be resold in very good condition for $5, $6, $7 or more.

If you pay about $2 per book in shipping costs from one of these sites and you put together a set of 10. And let’s say you charge $5.50 per book plus about $6 total shipping. That’s $20 dollars you paid for the set of 10 books from one of these sites. You charged $5.50 per piece, which is equal to $55 dollars. $55 minus $20 is $35! Not a bad gain at all.

You can do even better than that with some outfits. Think of outfits that are put together very carefully. Like 007 sets. Sharon Kay Penman’s books. And many more. Profits can be made from book exchange sites. Below are some other book sharing sites.