Sports Betting Legal In The US

The question of where is sports betting legal in the US is a hot one. Many states are eager to bring sports betting to their states. The first state to implement legislation was New Jersey. As a result, most Atlantic City casinos set up temporary sportsbooks to take bets. Soon after, DraftKings began accepting bets and offering sportsbook services. The next state to legalize gambling on sports was Delaware, which went live in April of 2016.


Other states have legalized sports betting. While Nevada was the first to legalize single-game wagering, the state imposed high taxes and fees. It will be tough for bettors to join the sports betting industry in the state, but the market has matured and is ready for more action. Oregon allows sports bettors to sign up and make bets online or in person. New Hampshire launched mobile sports betting on December 30, 2018. The state’s Governor Chris Sununu was the first to place a bet on Tom Brady to win the Super Bowl. While he lost, he did not lose his bet because voters approved remote registration.

In addition to Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey, Arizona and Wyoming are also looking into sports betting legalization. Those two states have been on the forefront of allowing sports gambling since the start of the decade. However, in the midst of all the debate, they still don’t have casinos. It’s likely to take until 2021 before sports betting is legal in these states. The Seminole Tribe controls gaming in Florida, and the state’s lawmakers said they would work with the tribe, but a lawsuit was filed soon after the law was signed.

Where Is Sports Betting Legal In The US?

In April 2018, the state of West Virginia legalized sports betting. After the passage of Senate Bill 415, the lottery commission began taking retail and online bets. The state of Virginia will also legalize it. House Bill 896, passed in April 2020, and the state of Maryland passed a bare-bones ballot referendum for online sports betting in May ’21. While the timetable for the launch of the industry in West Virginia is still uncertain, fall 2021 seems to be a realistic time frame.

While there are some limitations in certain states, they are a great place to bet on sports. The law has made sports betting legal in Nevada a viable option for many people. Several providers provide online and mobile sportsbooks for residents in this state. As with all states, Nevada’s regulatory structure has to be streamlined to make it as convenient as possible. There are also many legal options for mobile betting in these jurisdictions.

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the federal ban on single-game betting in 2018 has paved the way for legal sports betting in the United States. Currently, 18 states have legalized retail sports betting, with New Jersey being the first to allow online sports gambling. As of December 2018, the state of New Hampshire has the largest market for sport wagers in the nation. Its casinos offer mobile and in-person services.