No matter how safe you drive or how well you treat your car, at some point you will have to repair a dent. It could be from road debris bouncing off your hood, collision repair, hail, or body repair due to an unforeseen accident, but there is no way around it. However, there is a way to avoid paying too much for repair work and getting a poor result. It’s a process called Paintless Dent Removal.

The standard way to repair a dent is to first remove the paint from the target area. The technician will then make a small hole in the center of the dent and pull the metal out. After that, you need to fill in the hole and repaint the area. There are two problems with this system:

1. It takes a long time. The dent can be removed relatively quickly, but the paint job takes time. In many cases, the customer will want the entire car repainted because the new paint job will not match the manufacturer’s paint job, so the repair will stand out. The manufacturer’s paint job is always of a much higher quality, so local stores can’t exactly match it. Over time, the paint on your car tends to fade.

2. The new car paint job will not look as good as it originally did. Have you ever noticed how nice and shiny new cars look? Manufacturers have access to paint and machinery that local stores can’t match, so if you have to repaint your car to repair a dent, then you’re taking a big step down in aesthetics. The only chance the paint will come close to matching is if the car was waxed really well and the garage was kept up.

Paintless Dent Repair has quickly become the most popular alternative to use in auto body repair. However, there are some situations where you cannot use Paintless Dent Repair. As long as the paint has not been damaged and the metal is still flexible, Paintless Dent Removal can be used. In many ways it is the opposite of traditional dent removal because tools are used to push metal into place from inside the car body. Then a small hammer is used to gently tap the outside of the metal to smooth out any wrinkles or inconsistencies in the metal body. Since it does not require repainting, it saves a lot of time and money, but the best part about Paintless Dent Removal is that it can preserve your manufacturer’s finish. Be careful when choosing a collision repair technology to remove dents without paint. If they don’t really know their craft, they can accidentally break the metal while trying to restore it to its shape. Check with your local auto body shop to see if this service is offered. It is a great way to do it.