The question of why the gap in international basketball has been closed is a pressing one. The United States once dominated the Olympic and international game. Those days are gone as our training structure leaves a lot to be desired. The quality of our training has deteriorated, therefore other countries have made great progress due to a motivated training movement. Coach certification for basketball coaches was once just a topic of discussion. It has become a pressing issue and should be seriously considered by the coaching community in the United States.

This article addresses the benefits of a coaching certification. Following the example of countries like Canada and the United Kingdom, the following list represents a good reason for us to follow them.

12 Benefits of a Basketball Coach Certification Program

  1. By becoming certified, you will increase your knowledge of the game of basketball.
  2. You will immediately be part of a small group of certified trainers to facilitate your learning and application of the game. Your knowledge will be sought after by other trainers.
  3. Certification will prepare you to run your own youth basketball training program or camps.
  4. A holistic approach to learning with a classroom setting and on the floor will improve your learning curve.
  5. 12 hours of learning is equivalent to the amount of learning obtained in various training clinics.
  6. It can be completed in a 2-3 day period to accommodate your schedule and other responsibilities.
  7. You can add references to your resume to grow your network of trainers.
  8. You’ll get access to hundreds of coaching contacts in high school, college, and NBA basketball.
  9. You will begin to compile your training philosophy into your very own training “Black Book”.
  10. You will show initiative and improve job prospects.
  11. For the cost of ONE Nike clinic, you’ll be exposed to every part of the game from a didactic and philosophical point of view.
  12. You will develop your own coaching philosophy, techniques and methods of teaching the game.

The main step in this process has to come from those in leadership roles. The National Basketball Coaches Association, the NBA, the NCAA, and the thousands of coaching associations across the country should embrace this effort to improve basketball coaching. Until we do, our game will continue to strive for identity and quality.