If you’re looking for a less expensive way to give your old kitchen cabinets a new look, then resurfacing them can be a great way to add a little pep to your kitchen.

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets simply means giving them a new surface. This can be accomplished a couple of different ways, and they don’t all have to cost a lot of money!

Typical cabinet resurfacing or resurfacing should be done by a professional. This means replacing the drawer fronts and cabinet doors and adding a new lining to the base cabinet. The options for veneered cabinets are many; You can actually get any type of wood you want, but it can be quite expensive, ranging from $4000 to over $10,000. Relining your kitchen cabinets can take anywhere from 2 days to a week, depending on how big your kitchen is.

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets by a professional may seem expensive, but it will still save you a lot over replacing the cabinets. This is a good way to go if your base cabinets are in good condition and very solid and you don’t want to change the design either. On the other hand, if your existing cabinets are of poor quality or not in good condition, this probably isn’t your best option.

But what if you don’t have $10,000 to repair the cabinet?

Don’t worry, there are still several things you can do to make your kitchen cabinets more attractive without spending thousands.

Perhaps the easiest and least expensive way to enhance your old cabinets is to simply paint them. Paint can add a big change to the look of your kitchen, especially if you’re brave enough to top them off with a pop of bright color! If you’re artistic, you can even paint a design on the cabinet, either freehand or using stencils. Wouldn’t your retro 1950s kitchen look great with aqua cabinets? How about some patterned roosters on your painted and distressed cabinets in your country kitchen? Just add some matching drawer pulls and knobs and you’ve got a whole new kitchen for under $500!

Another idea to keep in mind is to remove the cabinet doors. This would look great in a casual cottage style kitchen or even an old Victorian style. Try lining the shelves with fabric or lace that hangs over the edge. Or you can make curtains to hang in place of the doors or even try to find an old window that might make an interesting door.

If your cabinets aren’t organized and you don’t want everyone to see your mess, it’s probably best to leave the doors on and if you don’t want to paint, you could even try papering them. Can’t find any wallpaper that suits you? Then try applying contact paper. It may be best to stick to a simple pattern and make sure it’s washable or you’ll regret it later. Remember to prepare the cabinets as you would a wall. You don’t have to wallpaper the whole door either, use your imagination and cut out shapes or patterns from the wallpaper and stick them on.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give your cabinets a whole new look; even just changing the hardware can do wonders. Just use your own creativity and you’ll be sure to have a unique kitchen that suits your own unique style!