Done with the content part but scratching your head to write a strong title? Well, that’s not weird. There are plenty of good writers online who can produce fresh, original content in a matter of a few hours. But when it comes to writing a compelling headline, they just don’t seem to go anywhere.

Remember, headlines are the first thing that grabs the reader’s attention. It is the first impression you give to a visitor. Therefore, writing an attractive headline is a must. If you’re not sure what to do, just keep reading. Below are 5 great ways to write catchy titles and compel your visitors to keep reading.

Headlines Command:

One of the most effective ways to write a compelling headline is to write it as a command. A simple command will humbly tell the reader about the things/actions to perform, as well as tell the advantages of using it.

For example, headlines like ‘Raise your voice against child abuse‘ gold ‘Subscribe to Intertwined Words TodayThey are statements that call on readers to take the necessary action.

Use leading questions:

The headlines, written in the form of a question, generate great interest among readers. However, you must be careful when writing them. A question that is not related to your topic and written solely for the purpose of generating curiosity will not serve the purpose. In fact, this act of yours will do more harm than good. A good question headline not only contains the answer in its content, but is also more identifiable among readers.

For example, ‘Do you make these grammatical errors?‘ gold ‘Are you making the same mistakes in your marriage??’ they are attention-grabbing question headlines, as well as being quite relatable.

Start headlines with ‘How To’:

If you intend to advise, inform, or educate readers on a particular topic, then headlines beginning with the word ‘How To’ or ‘How To’ are the most effective. Use these magic words and watch readers stop to take a second look at your content. Remember, readers are always looking for information. A headline like this is enough to generate your interest and achieve your goal of driving traffic to your site.

For example, ‘How to find a girlfriend in 7 days‘ gold ‘How to become a hacker‘ or the title of this topic is written in such a way that it promises readers vital information or ensures an answer to their query/problem.

Use headlines that highlight the benefit:

A headline that clearly specifies the benefit to the reader is always a great way to generate interest in your products/services and give your sales that much-needed boost.

For example, sentences like ‘Make your Website and Get Free Hosting‘ gold ‘Get Great Deals And E-Deals At Snap Deal‘are ways to attract customers and indirectly compel them to take immediate action.

Use numbers or certain superlative words to list your content:

Today’s readers are very smart. They are not only looking for answers to their queries, but also trying to find the best solution. If you have a title that uses numbers or words like ‘Top’ or ‘Best’ to list a number of resources or tips, then it’s not only easier to find but also highly desirable among readers. Readers would love to know about other/better ways to find a solution to your answer and would therefore easily click on your topic to read about it.

For example, headlines like ‘4 important techniques to drive free traffic to your website’ or ‘Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites‘ gold ‘5 Important Tips for Writing Strong ContentThey are infallible headlines to attract the attention of the reader.