People have been searching for a product that can bring the iPad 2 off its throne. Many companies have tried, but all to no avail. The Galaxy Tab has higher specs but contains hardware issues that put consumers off. Motorola’s Droid tablets are fast but bulky. The Blackberry Playbook has a poor user interface and is lacking in some apps. Neither of these products could alienate users from Apple’s popular tablet. That is, until Amazon came on the scene.

The Amazon Kindle is the best choice for e-readers. Somehow, the retail giant managed to convince Kindle users to switch to a more advanced device like a tablet. And so, before its launch, the Kindle Fire already has so many followers. But it not only attracted e-reader enthusiasts, but also people looking for their first tablet.


The main attraction of the Kindle Fire is its price. At $ 199, it’s the cheapest tablet that comes from a reputable company like Amazon. The cheapest iPad 2, on the other hand, costs $ 500. That’s a $ 300 difference for a tablet that can mostly deliver what the iPad 2 can. Actually, people were buying two Kindle Fire units at the same time in stores. This means that you and any loved one who receives the Kindle Fire as a gift from you will enjoy your $ 500.


Although cheap, the Kindle Fire is not lacking in firepower. It works with a 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM. This equates to a fast user interface, as well as compatibility with better games. The more expensive iPad 2 runs on the same processor clock speed and RAM.


The verdict on which screen is best will differ from person to person. The 7-inch screen of the Kindle Fire is smaller than that of the iPad 2 (9.7 inches). However, the Fire screen contains more resolution than the iPad 2. Images look brighter and smoother when viewed on the Kindle Fire, although the difference to the iPad 2 is subtle. However, it is better to watch movies on a larger screen for the iPad 2 to win in this area..

Web navigator

The Kindle Fire web browser is one of the most talked about features ahead of its launch. The browser, called Silk, can provide faster browsing speeds due to its integration with Amazon’s cloud server. Basically, the processing of the web pages is divided between the Kindle Fire processor and the cloud server. The browser received criticism because users fear for its safety. Amazon confirms that user data is protected and secure. In the Kindle Fire vs iPad browser battle, the first clear wins.

Operating system and applications

IOS 5 is one of the best operating systems that has ever existed on any mobile device. The Kindle Fire is easily beaten by the iPad in this regard. The Fire runs on a heavily modified Android Gingerbread operating system, but it’s still not enough to keep up with iOS. The number of applications for iPad 2 is also greater than for Kindle Fire.


So which is the best tablet between the two? The price of the Fire is really attractive, as is its unique web browser. Meanwhile, iPad 2 still has the best operating system and supports more apps. But if we weigh which one is better Tablet then it would still be the iPad 2. The best tablet is the one that gives users the best experience and iOS 5 and its applications are enough to provide that.