Owning a rabbit requires you to take care of it on a daily basis. While you share similarities with caring for your dog or cat, the only big difference is that your rabbit is a caged pet and is therefore completely up to you. For example, if you forget to feed your cat, he may go hunting or find some food scraps on the ground, but if you don’t feed your rabbit, he will have nowhere to go and will simply run out of food.

Feeding and watering your pet The Beveren rabbit should occur on a regular basis, and it is the most important thing. Feed them daily. You can feed quality rabbit pellets along with fresh fruits and vegetables like coriander, parsley, romaine lettuce, and cabbage.

You can feed your rabbit commercial treats, but you can also use treat items like carrots, celery, and apples. They love to chew, so give them plenty of opportunities to chew. You can also provide willow bark to chew on.

Your rabbit will need fresh water at all times. Better to completely change daily rather than just complete it. Use a heavy plate so they cannot turn the plate over. You can also buy bottles of water. You will have to observe how some of them get used to it while others do not.

Proper housing is necessary for your pet rabbit to ensure that your rabbit remains safe and healthy. The type of housing will depend on whether your rabbit will live in the house or outdoors. Your rabbit’s house should be five to six times the size of your rabbit to make room for business, eating, and stretching. If you are keeping your rabbit outside, make sure the hutch has a floor. Rabbits love to dig and you may find that your rabbit has left the cage.

Your Beveren rabbit will need regular grooming at least once a week, sometimes more frequently. You should also bathe your rabbit from time to time. It’s a great idea to start when your rabbit is young. They will get used to the process. How often you need to bathe your rabbit will depend. It can vary from weekly to monthly. Use baby shampoo and towel dry your rabbit afterward. You can use a hair dryer to speed things up, but your rabbit may freak out from the noise.

Your rabbit needs exercise and also loves to play, so invest in commercial rabbit toys to keep your bunny entertained. These include blocks, candy balls, chew toys, and much more. When you exercise your rabbit outside, you will need to keep a close eye on it, as they can disappear quickly. If you are exercising your rabbit indoors, you will need to make sure that it is not chewing on things.

Your Beveren rabbit makes a great pet who loves attention and affection. If you take proper care of your rabbit, it can live up to 10 years.