Renting a Sheffield student accommodation

As a student in one of the UK’s most popular universities, you can expect to find plenty of accommodation options. However, don’t delay in reserving yours, as the best ones will quickly get snapped up. It’s best to start your search as soon as you know you are coming to the University of Sheffield, as this will give you a better chance of finding the perfect home.

In a city that is as fond of the great outdoors as it is of its cutting edge culture, students in Sheffield will be spoilt for choice when it comes to renting Sheffield student accommodation that offer easy access to their academic institutions. The city’s centre is small enough for all the main universities to be within walking distance of each other, which makes it relatively easy to find centrally located student housing in a wide range of prices.

Whether you are looking for a shared flat to share with friends, or a studio apartment that gives you the privacy of your own space, there is something in Sheffield to suit every taste and budget. The average price for a studio in a suburb can be as low as PS 208 per month, while a studio with a bathroom in the city centre starts at around PS 672.

Renting a Sheffield student accommodation – Don’t Take Things Lightly

Most of the homes that we offer in Sheffield student accommodation have been protected against the COVID-19 pandemic with measures like deep cleaning, social distancing markers, temperature checks, staff PPE kits and more. This guarantees your safety as a student living in Sheffield, and details of this protection are available on the individual property pages.

All of the student rentals on Erasmus Play are covered by our Pandemic Shield, which means that electricity and water are included in your rent as well as a range of other essentials, such as WiFi and insurance. We also have a number of value deals and bonus add-ons that you can take advantage of, so make sure to check these out when you browse through the available listings.

Affordability is a significant concern for many students when it comes to accommodation. Striking a balance between affordability and quality is crucial to ensure that students have access to safe and comfortable living spaces without being burdened by excessive costs. Collaboration between educational institutions, accommodation providers, and government bodies can help develop affordable housing options and financial aid programs to support students in securing suitable accommodation.

You can select the tenancy length of your new student home when you reserve online, whether that’s for the full academic year, or for a shorter term, such as a semester. Enter your name, date of birth, country of residence and contact details, as well as the contact details of your guarantor (who must be over 25 and be able to afford to pay your rent should you miss payments). Then choose how you want to make your payment – set up a direct debit or use a credit or debit card.