Everything has gone crazy. A lot of ridiculous things are happening in the tide of stupid Wokisum. The violence, the toppling of historical statues, the attempt to change history, even the attempt to ban books for no good reason. The last straw as far as I was concerned was that Wokisum tried to ban British comedy, the British are known for being ironic and sarcastic.

Every day something is seriously affected by wokisum! Things like President Biden taking down the bust of Winston Churchill, disgusting, what a friend!

Do you want to live in a country that is a dictatorship?

Do you want to live in a country that does not allow young girls to receive a proper education?

Do you want to see the UK become a third world country?

Well, wokisum means the above!

Well, not me, and I’ll fight to keep our freedoms if I have to, how about you?

It would seem that the writers of EastEnder are being subdued due to this wokisum, “John Altman says that” the soap opera is losing viewers because it has lost the ability to tell new stories or break new ground “.

It is now known that Woke is really Identity Politics, because PC has gone so far as to be ridiculous, the awakenings have used it to promote their political agenda, which looks like communism, read George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and you can understand me.

When the Wokes try to ban all sorts of absurd things, when they pull down historic statues, when they try to dictate what normal Britons think, say or do; The awakenings will eventually be exposed for what they really are.

Awakened people feel that they are right; they go with the belief that what they are doing is good and appropriate. They do not consider the other side of the coin.

Awakened people think that going to protest marches, behaving in a way that others consider a violation of the work, is all very well, it is all right to destroy other people’s shops and property along the way.

I find it horrendous that so many people have been fooled by the smoke screen of the wokisum tide. I say smokescreen because it’s like they have blinders on, the Awakenings use emotional blackmail to get people to join them and behave as they dictate. Are you awake, and if so, do you realize that you have been surrounded like blind sheep?

I would love to hear your opinion either way as I would like to try to understand why someone would want to give up their freedom of speech and choice.

It is not diversity to remove 14 white musicians from the English Touring Opera’s Orchestra, its director James Conway said “they would not be hired for the 2022 season as he prioritized greater diversity in the orchestra, saying this was in line with firm guidance.” . or the Arts Council”.

This excrement must be stopped. There was white supremacy over 100 a hundred years ago, but in general, British whites are not all racist these days. People have had enough of this disgraceful, unacceptable and hateful behavior! If it gets worse, people will turn against each other and we could even end up in a civil war.