Getting people to see your YouTube video creations first requires you to understand why they watch videos in the first place. In the broadest sense of this, they are curious about what you have created because their title or theme has intrigued them or someone has sent it to them to look at, which increases their curiosity level and they choose to view your creation because of this curiosity. So knowing this, you’ll want to employ strategies that encourage people to share your creations and the easiest way to do this is through a “Call to Action” – ask them to share if they like it or make it visibly easy for them. . them to do it.

Regarding your theme, the best way to jump on the bandwagon when creating a new video is to create something that ties into something that is currently in style. Using tools like Google Alerts helps with this, seeing what people are tweeting or posting on Pinterest or Facebook gives you insight as well. If what you’re looking for on YouTube is general or flexible enough, you can take advantage of these trends, and with people voraciously searching online for new, relevant content these days, you have a good chance of catching a piece of the action.

This is the type of content that can go viral if it manages to catch the right waves. The trick is being able to get ahead of the curve on a creation. Get in on early adopters/viewers looking to be the first kid on the block to know something and then eager to share their discoveries with Facebook friends, real friends, coworkers, etc. Videos of this type are often short-lived in terms of viewing, but while they are “hot”, they fly high and fast.

Then come the more selfish and learning types of videos. People want to increase their knowledge in certain areas so they can be more successful, which may include finding ways to earn more money, be better at their jobs, wanting to find new online tools to teach their children, wanting to get to the next level in currently trending online games (overlaps with the cart principle of what is also trending). Here you can post content that will continue to have an audience in the long run. Your informative videos will be watched over and over again over the years by ever-growing viewing bases if you’ve created content that is timelessly relevant. It doesn’t fly as high or as fast as it would when creating trending topic videos, but its growth should be steady as more and more people become aware of its content.

Now that you’ve selected the direction of the videos you want to create, in order for people to watch, you need to create quality content that people want to watch. There are several elements that you need to work on to ensure that this quality exists.

Entertainment value: You need to make sure that you capture their attention quickly and then keep it if you make an effort to reach them at an entertainment level. You have to continually push interesting or visually appealing content to them throughout your video or they will click and go elsewhere. And this requires initial planning to achieve it.

Apparent content value: If your goal is to deliver strong insight that enhances value, you need to make sure your content is deep enough to deliver real value to them that is actually useful to them or you’ll lose them as a follower, so every creation you build should have depth. Don’t put anything superficial lying around or you may lose them and never get them back.

Emotional value: The best video creations on YouTube contain a good level of emotional value that reaches the viewer. For entertaining and/or trending videos, you want to push certain emotional buttons in a person, such as laughter, sentimentality, bonding with people, pets, children, etc., desires, such as live rich, live healthy, live thin, travel , etc. For knowledge videos, emotions include having money to pay bills, travel, retire, etc., becoming more popular, famous, or even noticed, solving a nagging problem: being successful or achieving something, etc. The better you can emotionally relate to the people in your creations, the more what you create will be observed.

Titles: Take the time to come up with good titles for your creation. Don’t just create a title that is bland or just describe your content in a “vanilla” way, try to create something that can grab a person’s attention. For example, a simple title to improve your website could be “Improve your website for SEO”; a better one would be “Get your website right with the Google search engine.” The second will capture the attention of more viewers. Great adjectives help improve display results.

Brand and consistency: Create a topic so people know what to expect every time you post a new video. This goes for branding too – create a recognizable brand that people can easily remember and spot as they browse for content to watch. Consistency of branding and theme will get those who like your content to check out your next release in a series. It’s also a good idea to create different playlists for your creations so that each playlist can stay consistent within one theme and new releases appear on each playlist as the next installment in the series. If someone finds a video tagged “Episode 9 – Content Title,” for example, and likes it, they’ll also want to watch episodes 1-8 to make sure they haven’t missed anything from the series. So, create well-defined playlists consisting of one theme and release videos in a series; it helps get older videos seen and gets people anticipating the next release in the series so they can watch it after the release as well.

Call to action: Make it easy for people to see other videos in your series. Strategically place YouTube “cards” and annotations on your creations that direct people to your playlist so they can see all of your related creations or the next video in the series. Note: I like to always use the “Open in a new window” option when adding them to give people a chance to finish viewing the existing creation as well. This, by the way, also has the added benefit of improving view stats per video.

These are just some general ideas that will help you improve your YouTube viewing statistics. Combine these strategies with effective video promotion techniques and your created content will get good exposure on YouTube.