The abode where you spend quality time and cherished moments, the cocoon where you will be safe, that place of warmth is your home sweet home. It is where your being relaxes after a tiring day. Your home defines you, your taste, culture and class.

Two paths can be taken to give your home a face lift. Call in a knowledgeable expert like an interior designer or give your creativity a try. The first way could be quite expensive. Although the second approach would cost you dearly since you need professional help for carpentry or plumbing work, your own contribution in your nest would give you a satisfaction never felt before.

To get started, determine your financial plan and your priorities. Choose a theme for your new home based on the furniture you already own and don’t plan on getting rid of. If your favorite piece of furniture, say the ornate antique sofa set, doesn’t match and you’re on a tight budget, you can spruce up the room in a style that goes well with the traditional setup.

If this doesn’t work well, you can incorporate some pocket items to go along with it. Free your mind from all possible restrictions because too much perfection gives the house a bookish look. This will give more freedom to your creativity. Take, for example, the seating arrangement in your home that includes an ultra-modern sofa set. To transform it into an ethnic seat, it is enough to cover it with pale shade curtains to make it more sober. If you want to keep the elegant look, pair it with a two-seater sofa. This will subsidize the sharpness of the leather and won’t break your budget much either.

If you own a priceless item that can’t possibly fit into your preferred setting, don’t be upset. You know that your home itself has a different theme for different corners. You will not paint your child’s room with monotonous colors or the kitchen area with vibrant colors with cartoon wallpapers. If your living room has a modern twist, give your bedroom a rich, traditional gothic look. Arrange all your favorite and preferred antique furniture in this way. This will help you ration your finances properly and give you the freedom to use the money in other pockets. There are more hidden costs than you can imagine.

Once you’ve finished determining your preferred new home look, you can order anything you can associate with your desired theme. This will help you get your hands on the items you need to beautify. For example, for a modest look your list would contain things like a glass vase with fresh flowers, curtains in soft shades, varnished tables, etc. On the other hand, if you are going for a Japanese zen, then I would use statues, pebble rocks, reed furniture, mats, etc. To discover more things that will go well with your theme, you can browse websites online. Now you will be full of brilliant ideas about the things you want in various corners of your house.

A vital point to consider when redesigning your home is your daily routine. The placement of your furniture will depend on your habits and hobbies. If you’re a music lover, you’d like easy access to your CD collections. This requires a well-ordered storage facility, prioritizing things that are used most frequently and adequate storage for things that are used less. If you’re a fan of cleanliness, then you can display curios, picture frames, and other pretty knick-knacks in glass cabinets or shelves. Otherwise, it is better to get beautiful boxes where you can keep your CDs, DVDs or other frequently used items within reach without dusting them from time to time.

You can use a sofa bed for the living room, daybeds or box beds for storage facilities. There are countless options to choose from.

A wall lining cabinet is a very important section of furniture. For a good and space-saving one, you don’t need the help of an expert. Repair the basic bars and shelves, put in a sliding door from a contractor, and bingo: you’ve got a custom closet. Use the space above the cabinet doors by using them as a closet, but for that you need a carpenter. You can also choose sliding doors made of wood or glass or with a mirror finish. Using stained glass can give your room an exotic look. Since sliding doors don’t cover the full length of the wall, you’ll need to do something to cover the top. This can be done by placing wall mounted units on top of the cabinets. So now you have extra storage for items you rarely need like old books, curtains, and extra bedding.

Apart from the furniture, the floor, the ceiling, the finishing of the walls and, obviously, the arrangement of the lights are the following factors that embellish a house. Your decor can make or break your impression. If you prefer a wooden floor for an organic feel or use a rug for an oriental touch. The reflection of the polished stone floor will give you an aura of luxury and will keep your house cool in summers. It is a very good option for houses in tropical countries and long-summer belts around the world.

The cheapest way to recreate your walls is to use textured or designer wallpapers. Here you can also choose to put a wallpaper on the front wall and paint the rest of the walls white, since white paint costs less and gives a serene look. If you have a small house, you can make use of mirrors around the wall. This will give the room a larger look. Making smart use of reflective room partitions will give a continuous effect to the room and make it look more spacious.

If you don’t want to use mirrors or wallpapers, you can use wall hangings like wooden masks, paintings, or just a big happy family photograph. You can put several photo frames in the room, but make sure you use similar frames, ie steel or wooden frames. Hang them together in the shape of a quadrilateral and it will become a unique wall piece in itself. You can also hang these siding or wall pieces in ladder order. This will not only give you a large wall look, but it will also give the room an inviting feel.

You can get a soft and comfortable feeling by positioning the light in such a way that it spreads across the room after reflecting off a dull surface. In this way the sharpness of the light is reduced and it will no longer hurt your eyes. There are specialized lampshades to achieve this effect, but if you don’t want to spend on it, you can place the lights on the cabinets that face the ceiling. Place multiple low wattage lights scattered around the room, not just a single high wattage light.

A well-lit room can only bring out the beauty of its furniture, walls, and other fixtures. Too much or too little lighting can spoil the charm of even the most expensive furniture. The right amount of light in the right position can help you achieve the perfect mood. Choir keep a direct light source in the room. You can use white energy-saving lights for regular use. Control the electricity bill and emit a cool light to soothe the eyes. Color tones can also set your frame of mind. As blue brings serenity, mauve shades of love and romance and pink for the children’s room.

As a final and finishing touch, give the house a lighter shade. Curtains in pastel shades and fine fabrics add to the beauty of any room. If your living room is not very spacious, these neutral tones can have a magical effect. For your bedrooms, you can use darker tones. Just keep in mind that the colors you have selected should not conflict with each other. Color harmony can give your home that extra calm you’d like after a busy day. Neatly tied curtains with a beautiful ribbon allow sunlight to bathe your room and give it an elegant look. For a modest look, choose screens or blinds for the windows. Here you can choose between fabric Roman blinds, or Japanese and Balinese bamboo blinds or the ultra modern nylon blinds. If you plan to put wallpapers, complete it with the motifs of your curtains for that extra layer.

To create a more comfortable and sophisticated look, you can choose to have some cushions on the sofa in the living room. The need here is that it should gel with the wallpapers and curtains. You can apply multiple shades and still create a nice, even look.