Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or BMW, as most of us know it, is a German car manufacturer. BMW is a leading automotive company that sells a wide range of vehicles, including hybrids. BMW’s new hybrid car is the BMW X5 SAV.

BMW started making airplane engines and eventually moved on to motorcycles and then automobiles. BMW has a great knowledge of technology and the advancements that have occurred during the history of automobiles.

The hybrid car from BMW is nothing less than its competition. It offers what consumers want: gas savings and less pollution. Here is a summary of the BMW X5 SAV hybrid:

– Introduced in spring 2004.

– It has a combustion engine with power assistance from an electric motor.

– Produces 479.35 ft-lbs of low power torque.

– It has higher performance compared to the gasoline version of the same model.

– Improved gas mileage over non-hybrid model is 15-20%.

– It has features and extras equal to those of the non-hybrid vehicle.

– Considered a luxury response to the demand for hybrid vehicles.

– Four tailpipes on the X5 M version yet to be released, which is exclusive to this vehicle.

BMW is working on developing a transmission that is incorporated into the engine to allow less weight. In a SAV or SUV, as we call it in the United States, weight is an important factor in vehicle performance. Less weight in an SUV means more power and that has been a major struggle for hybrid SUV manufacturers. However, BMW seems to have done quite well with its X5 model, as it far outperforms its gasoline model.

BMW is also working on hydrogen-powered vehicles, which will be part of its 7-series hybrid, and its introduction is scheduled for 2010.

With the new interest in hybrid cars, it’s no wonder BMW is working so hard to provide the luxury car market with amazing electric vehicles. The BMW X5 SAV is the answer for luxury car buyers looking for that luxury SAV. It has overcome past performance issues to introduce an SAV that works, saves gas, and is good for the environment, something consumers have longed for.