It’s Monday morning, you’re staring at your computer screen while trying to write your social media posts for the week. What should you post? Even for cats? Another inspirational quote? A link to your MLS listing?

Marketing messages must be consistent across all marketing channels. So instead of stressing about creating new content for social media, just look at the marketing you’re already doing and find easy ways to optimize it for social media. Did you recently send a direct mail campaign? Do you send out a weekly email newsletter? Are you running an ad in the local newspaper? All of these marketing pieces can provide some great material for a social media post. By keeping your messages consistent across channels, you create brand consistency that helps build brand recognition and trust.

Below are some printed and mailed pieces that real estate agents use on a regular basis and tips on how to get these pieces on digital channels.

Open House Invitation

Create an event through your Facebook page to invite your followers to an open house. Then post a link to that event on Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. During the open house, be sure to encourage people to follow you on social media.

Newly listed or sold postcard

Use the exact same images and messages from the postcard to create a blog post. Then share a link to that blog post on your social media. Interact with your followers by asking them what their favorite room is or have them guess how much they think the house sold for.

Property Brochure

Select one or two of the best photos from the brochure and post them on Instagram. Include a short description (2-3 sentences) and some hashtags to make your photo easier to find for people who haven’t followed you yet.


In the LinkedIn experience section you can upload a digital version of customer testimonials in document and video form. You can also connect with previous clients and ask them to comment directly on LinkedIn.

Trifold Agent Brochure

Almost all social networking sites have space for a bio or an “about me” section. Instead of writing a new bio for each one, take the text from your brochure or listing presentation and tweak it for each social network.

Don’t kill yourself trying to create completely original content for each marketing channel. Instead, take a basic message and optimize it for each channel. Not only will this save you time and sanity, it will create brand consistency and repeat business will motivate your target audience to take action.