Are you gradually attracted to a friend of yours? But he is already dating someone, if you are patient and self-confident you can turn things in your favor. Read what approach you should take to get the guy you are interested in.

Analyze your relationship with him.

Find out what he thinks of you, has listed you as a friend and treats you as his friend. He may not think about dating you for fear of spoiling the friendship, even if he dumps his current girlfriend. So, you need to start behaving like a potential girlfriend and stop being her friend.

pretend she doesn’t exist

Never start a discussion about his girlfriend, if he starts the topic, listen patiently and take mental note of the things he says about her. He can gauge the level of his involvement through this. If he rarely talks about her, maybe he won’t be too serious with her, which will make things easier for you.

Dress up so he notices.

Dress well in a classy yet sexy way to show your attractive personality. Let him see you in a different light and not just as a friend and a fun-loving girl. Plant a seed in his mind that you are interested in him.

Stay in constant contact

If you know how often you meet, talk to him or text him just as often, just be careful not to smother him with your constant calls. Make him feel comfortable staying in touch so he feels like he can talk to you about anything at any time.

don’t criticize her

If he does talk about her, steer the conversation in another direction, but avoid making disapproving comments about his girlfriend. This will show you in low light and can backfire if he starts defending her.

smile and laugh a lot

Show that you are a happy and fun-loving girl and show your beautiful smile; every time you see him so he knows you’re happy to see him. If you see him somewhere unexpectedly, wave at him to show that you’ve noticed him. It makes him feel special.

have patience

You have to persevere a lot and have a lot of patience for things to turn in your favor. It may take longer if you have been together for more than a year. Or if they seem too happy together, it’s better to give him up since he may never see you as a girlfriend.