With the economies in most countries finally recovering from the recession and economic slowdown, people are more willing to invest in property abroad. This is because they will get more for their money in foreign countries.

For example, if you bought a house in the US, for $100,000, you would get a townhouse and land for a garden, but the property would be very small.

Whereas, since the conversion rate is pretty strong right now, if you were to spend the same amount of money on a property in an Asian country, you’d get a lot more for your money, with a great apartment in the city, parking, and even a property with a swimming pool.

working abroad

People tend to move abroad for work. Either they work for a company that might have offices in Asia, or they work in a field that is in demand in certain countries, which means they will be paid more.

For example, let’s take a look at software developers and game testers. In the UK, they may have minimum wage, but in Asian countries, they are wanted employees, so they may have a higher salary. Therefore, they would move abroad for their jobs, especially if the cost of living is lower than in their home country.

If they were to move abroad for work and invest in property, they could have a more luxurious lifestyle and could even save for the future. Therefore, buying abroad could be seen as an investment for your family.

Holiday homes

Other buyers might invest in homes in Asia because they like the culture and want to spend some time there on vacation. They won’t be moving there permanently, but they could spend a great deal of time in the country.

They could also earn income from their investment home by renting it out when they are not using it. However, they will need to check the rules and regulations for certain countries and foreign buyers. Some Asian countries will impose heavy taxes on foreigners buying to let, and other countries will offer tax breaks on the same properties.

Buying a vacation home in Asia should be considered a good investment. They have a growing economy and the real estate market is expected to grow in the future. So if you buy a vacation home now, you will be able to make a profit on the home if you sell it in the future. This doesn’t even count the profit you could make from renting out the property.

real estate agents

If you are considering investing in a property in Asia, you should consider using a real estate agent who specializes in dealing with foreign buyers. This is because the procedures and payments are very different in foreign markets and can help you understand how the market works.

They will also be able to put you in touch with banks that are more willing to lend money to buyers abroad. You will be able to get a mortgage from these banks, compared to your local banks, because they will be less willing to lend money for use in an untested market.

It is recommended that you do your research before finding an investment property to find out what payments you will have to make. In the Japanese market, buyers are required to pay 10% of the property valuation upfront, so make sure you’ve budgeted for it.