The current real estate and housing market is experiencing its worst phase in recent years. Overall property sales figures continue to fall. Economists anticipate and expect a further decline in the near future. Statistics also suggest that one in two hundred homes in the country have received a foreclosure notice from banks or HUD.

The state department has decided to propose a home inspection rule to alleviate the dismal state of the real estate scene. This positive move could boost the morale and confidence of potential homebuyers. Homeowners across the country are striving to increase the resale value of their properties. Potential homebuyers will benefit from lowered long-term mortgage rates.

The marketability of homes for sale can be improved through construction and renovation works. Living materials such as granite and marble instill luxury and beauty in the house or apartment. Incorporating natural marble and granite enhances a property’s value because people are willing to buy homes that are embellished with granite and marble. A kitchen and bathroom upgrade with granite and marble is a popular choice among many new home buyers.

Granite slabs add elegance and natural beauty to living spaces. They have surprising textures in various shades that emit a remarkable aesthetic appeal. Since the uses of such materials are economical, they are favored by home builders and sellers alike. The marble countertops are very low maintenance and add to the comfort.

Granite and marble countertops blend with metallic appliances through their multiple shadow patterns. They are seen to work brilliantly regardless of the shade of the kitchen cabinet and bathroom floor. Granite and marble are generally associated with royalty and are available with a host of decorative themes. These construction variants could provide a low cost, high value curb appeal for the main sections of the property.

Granite countertops are ideal for the luxury finishes required for construction sites.

High-quality versions are used in the construction of washbasins, bathtubs and kitchen sinks. Granite countertops last for decades and are not prone to staining or marring due to their hardness. They can be renewed and sealed often over time while still maintaining their unique shine.

Granite slabs can be incorporated as borders in homes with marble floors. Granite colors are manufactured to match all shapes of marble tiles. The innovative home measures mentioned above could protect against the risk of further loss of property value. These local actions can rejuvenate the neighborhood real estate market and are sure to benefit even in the struggling economy.