Why would one lipstick video get thousands more views than another lipstick video? Could it be the words “delicious lips” in the title? Why would one sewing video have thousands of views more than another? Could it be the words “how” in the title?

Welcome to the ever-increasing competition from internet video marketing. After you make your video and upload it, you will be able to track your number of views. If users like your video, they will comment on it, add it to their favorites, and subscribe to your channel or blog. But how can you get your video in front of them so they know how great it is and take all those actions? Enter the ability to weave a title for your video.

Take some time to do some keyword research on popular keyword tools like Wordtracker.com and SEO Book’s Keyword Suggestion Tool. Both have free tools that can help you find exactly the right words that people are using to find the subject of your video. Keep a spreadsheet with this information for yourself, as it will include keywords that will give you more ideas for future videos.

Now, search your favorite video sharing sites, like YouTube.com, and look at the search results. Which videos had the most views? Which had fewer views? While it’s not based solely on titles, you’ll notice that there are patterns to which videos on a given keyword search get the most views.

Here are her three tips for writing your video title:

  1. Use your keywords — If your video is about sushi, make sure it says so in your title.
  2. use adjectives to give it flavor. If your sushi is easy and delicious, say so in your title. Remember, you have to get someone’s attention with that title.
  3. Experiment. Don’t get views? Log in to your video sharing account and edit the video title. Add a “How To” or change the order of words in your title. See what gets the most views.

In addition to the title, you’ll want to pay attention to the description or summary, as the text is what attracts searches in the beginning. Then, as your comments, ratings, and other Web2.0 indicators increase, your video will rank at the top of video search results. Make sure your video is of good quality, interesting, and delivers what it promises to your viewers. Promise it in your title.