So why is everyone so excited about prison fitness? What is prison physical fitness? And why is it so effective? Fitness in prison seems to be a real interest for many men and the reason is the so-called level of fitness that these prisoners achieve behind bars.

Do these prisoners have some kind of secret? Do you have some kind of prison physical trainer? So why do these prisoners get this reputation for being super human?

What tricks do they have? For the average man, Recluse’s fitness level is legendary, but what makes Recluse’s Fitness different from other training programs?

So what secrets do these criminals have? How many super conditioned prisoners are educated in the sense of the book? Do you think there are certified strength trainers in prison? Do you think that most of the prisoners were physical trainers for a long time and had a bad break?

Do you think most of the prisoners who were murderers, drug dealers, sex offenders, drunk drivers, men who are in jail for some violent crime went to the gym outside? It’s a well-known fact that men who live their lives drinking and doing drugs are health conscious, not to mention fitness (just kidding).

If these men go to prison having abused their bodies through alcohol and drugs for most of their lives, what makes many think these men go to prison and get super fit? What gives them the key to the kingdom of fitness?

Do these men stop being criminals and become super athletes? No, most become and remain violent criminals and most criminals are weak minded cowards who could not live in today’s society without stealing, mugging, gang involvement and trying to hurt weaker victims.

The only difference these men have is time; they have nothing else to do. Men who really get fit spend more time doing it than most other people; you don’t go to prison as a 130 pound weakling and become a 200 pound super criminal in a month.

If you spend all your days in a small prison cell, what could you do without work and nothing but time? You may know some inmates who are super strong and fit, but the reality is a very small percentage.

Super fitness is not for the faint of mind, it takes time and a lot of sweat to get to a super level of fitness, whether you are in prison or out, there is no difference and no secret training program to build a super super career prisoners. .

So if the prisoners are doing the basics of push ups, pull ups, sit ups, squats, leg raises, hand push ups, prisoner squats, what is the secret of the so-called super fitness level? It is the time invested, it is doing the exercises millions and thousands of times over many, many years building a hardening of mind and body.

Most prisoners are out of shape, most are still out of shape and never will be because just as they were lazy on the street, they are lazy in jail.

Over years and millions of thousands of repetitions is what builds an extremely strong body, not the 3 day type of training with a day off or the split training, it is the daily training that makes the difference in strength and the actual physical state.

So instead of thinking that the prisoners have some secret training method and secret training coach, just know that it is the time spent every day and the training to survive that makes the difference.

Here’s a workout you can do in a small space with no equipment and using just two exercises.

Do 25 prisoner squat thrusts: 25 4-point jump squats (legs slightly wider, squat down, touch the floor with the tips of your fingers, and jump 2-3 inches off the floor)

Switch back and forth as much as you can, do it as fast as possible, and keep the time for each round below 1 minute 15 seconds, which means 25 Prisoner Squat Thrusts and 25 4-Point Jump Squats shouldn’t take any longer. 1 minute and 15 seconds. seconds to complete and go as long as you can, if you can go for 5 minutes without resting that’s great.

This will be too brutal for most people, but see where it is and how long it will last, most will have trouble with 2 minutes.

Toughness builds winners.