My article this issue is an excerpt from a book I was reading
newly qualified; Robert Bly’s Editor’s Handbook, a
little side niche that I focus on a bit. Categorize the
different types of holders that are the most common and in use

My immediate thought when I was reading this was to see what
one tasted better and then move on to the next, working my
through the list,…see what I mean,…trying each
headline to see which sweaters are best.

So below I have them for your use. For reasons of space, of course.
he summarized them in a brief summary and an example. Enjoy.

1. Direct owners: establish the sales proposal directly,
without a doubt.


“Pure silk blouses with a 30% discount”

2. Indirect Headlines: leave a “roundabout” to the message
and product or service.


“Ten million to one. We can mix it up”

3. News Headlines: Provides a “news” headline about the


“Introducing the new Citation II” – Chevrolet

4. Procedural Headline: Provides a procedural and participatory approach to
the header.


“How to turn a simple party into a real ball”

5. Question Headlines – Ask potential readers/customers a question
can empathize with


“Do you have any of these decorating problems?” – Bigelow rugs

6. Command Headlines – Tell your prospects or readers what to do.

“Try Burning This Coupon” – Harshaw Chemical Company

7. Reason Why Headlines: they propose a “fashion list” in the headline.

“Seven Reasons Why You Should Join…”

“From 120 to 4000 reasons why you should…”

They can also be in a,…

“6 ways of etc…”

“7 steps to etc…”

8. Testimonial Headlines: One of the best types of headlines to
have, is the testimonial, as this adds credibility to the product/service in question.

In short,… the 8 categories of headlines in use today
They are: Direct, Indirect, Procedures, News, Command, Question, Reason
Why, and The Testimony.

in my own works; I’m finding that some are easier to create
than others, but see how you do. look which one or two
pull better and of course keep those.